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Archive for July, 2013


YIKES—I literally almost got stuck in the mailbox just the other day!!! I was mailing a VERY VERY–and I mean VERY  important time sensitive letter and I thought that if I just jumped in the mailbox and stayed with the letter –then I could make sure it got delivered correctly! Ta da—brilliant I thought! Jeeeeeez—– you know they just do not make those boxes as big as they ought too—never mind then having to ride in one of those little bags inside those stop and go little Postal Jeeps………………..I mean really—-but how else will I make sure that that VERY VERY important letter gets there?????????

Wait————–whaaaaat???? What is that I am hearing??????????  Just drop the letter in and LET IT GO?????????????

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—now that just might have a very good point. Drop it in, let it go, trust the process, go about my normal everyday life, no need to think about it every friggin minute of the day and wonder if or when it will get there….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that sure has a much more peaceful and empowering feel to it–eh?

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy—thank you for indulging my playfulness! I do think my point has been made—–using a pretty silly story to illustrate the point of the point!

Relaxxxxxxxxxx—and once you set an intention, big or small–LET IT GO—TRUST THE PROCESS AND DIVINE TIMING OF IT ALL—

I’ll leave you with this little one as I go–the last time you went to a restaurant and ordered something yummy off the menu-did you then excuse yourself from the table and barge into the kitchen and make sure they did it right?? I think not–instead you enjoyed AND savored the wait…………………………

Oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…





Hello again!

OH yessssss—-we all have those times when you need a little (or a lot of)  help to bounce back!!

Maybe it seems as if everything is friggin happening at once–and it’s not exactly the happy stuff either–OR maybe you are just having a bit of a rough patch—OR maybe you are just a wee bit dejected about something that didn’t go the way you wanted.

WHATEVER it is—-be it in the area of family, career, financial, love or a little bit of everything—this declaration statement can make the difference and bring the pep back in your step, your heart and your life!

When we have these times in our life—it is so easy to just slip into a sort of lackluster, sort of defeated, sort of miserable state. If it’s really big life stuff–then it can be totally overwhelming and you may even wonder how you are going to survive this, never mind come out on the positive end!

I have an answer –and a sure fire way to feel an immediate shift in your energy.

Remember—– you attract what you are —and if what you are feeling is overwhelmed and defeated and just sort of miserable……then………………………………………….

Uh oh.

I think I need not finish that sentence–because it is pretty clear what you will attract into your life–and there is NO WAY that will help you feel better in the way that you want to!

Here is your answer–and your declaration that will kick start your bounce back!

Remember you can tailor it to fit your situation be it a big or small life event.

Just say it out loud—or write it down and recite it as many times as you want—loud and clear!

Here you go—-

“I have NO idea why this stuff is happening!!!!  BUT—-I DO KNOW THIS — Something big and amazing is coming. Bigger and better than I can even imagine. I just know it. I am not going through ALL this for NOTHING. I know that something great is right around the corner. I am absolutely sure I am not going through all this for nothing! “

Once you say this—you WILL  notice an immediate shift and the message that sends out to the Universe is pretty darn clear and powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boingggg!!  Boingggggg!!




Yup—when I put Miracle Grow on my……..

Happpppppy Friday!

Soooooo you should see my Hydrangea Bush! I live in the fog belt and it is flourishing. Must have been that Miracle Grow stuff—and then I have an ah ha moment!


Yup—and here’s my ah ha moment— I realize that whatever I’m putting my energy on is just like putting Miracle Grow on what I’m giving my energy to!!!!

Now–not that this is really a new concept for me– HOWEVER–thinking of it in this way really jolted me—I had this quick movie of my recent life float by and I joyfully saw how that Miracle Grow concept had brought to bloom incredible– and I do mean incredible–successes that I had directed energy and focus to— hooray —-wellllllll—- then—- eweeeeeeeeeee- — I was treated to  a wee little view of that ole Miracle Grow concept growing what I was surely not wanting.

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa —let me reign this in! Soooooo–my energy in a particular area I was working on was going to– focused on— the ABSENCE OF what I was working on bringing in!

Now this strategy was not exactly on my to do list!!

I took a deep breath–ok quite a few deep breaths– and shifted–yesssssssss—to what I intended to bring in– the overwhelming yummy good ENERGY I was feeling was immediate. It happens that fast— indeed we are that powerful!


Soooooo off I go equipped with plenty of Miracle Grow—enthusiastically anticipating the blooms of my redirected energy!


P.S. There is a summertime special on Miracle Grow—get some now!! 🙂



Ding Dong—Freedom calling


Happy 4th of July!

How about answering that ding dong and opening that door to your freedom???

Hmmm—but how you may ask?? Simple–just answer it with the “F” word!!

Whaaaaaaaaaat you say?? Yup—the ‘F” word is the one thing that will free you COMPLETELY.

I don’t know about you–but I’m all over that one. Anything that will free me up to be lighter, happier and more centered has my attention!

Now that I have your attention 🙂 –allow me to elaborate.

OK—Imagine that life is a river–now keep in mind that EVERYTHING you want in life is downstream—it makes sense then to want to go with the flow. Nothing you want is upstream- you just gotta trust me on that. Now–sometimes it seems as if we sort of stall or seem to get stuck. You want to go with the flow—but your friggin proverbial boat just doesn’t seem to be cooperating. You really want to free yourself up and head on downstream with your dreams, passions and goals.

Hmmmm–you wonder. Maybe there might be a little river cleanup that has to occur so you can freely float downstream. I mean after all–you know what going with the flow feels like.  Yup—you really do flow, things happen,. you feel happy and it just feels plain old good. When that is not occurring–it’s just time for some cleanup!

Here is where the “F” word comes in. Sometimes our river gets blocked with some not so pretty stuff. Sometimes we just don’t know how to unblock it.

Ta da! Let’s bring in that “F” word now and clean this out and let freedom in.

FORGIVENESS. Yup–the “F” word. Powerful and potent. A game changer for sure.

Forgiveness frees you from the ties that bind you –and I mean it–they really do bind you.

It doesn’t matter whether you were right, they were right, you were wronged, you were hurt really badly, whether promises were broken or not kept, whether you felt unfairly treated —I mean the list could go on forever.

You really have to forgive everyone, whether they are here now in your life, whether they were once a part of your life, whether they have passed on, whether they know you were or are hurt or not.

You really have to forgive them all. …TO FREE YOU. It doesn’t mean you have to like what happened–it doesn’t mean you have to agree with what happens –it just means that in order to FREE YOU–you have to forgive and let it go!  They do not even need to know you forgive them. It is NOT for them–it is for you.

You release you from the ties that bind.

I must add that one of the most important people to forgive is YOU, the current you, the you of yesterday or maybe the you from a long time ago with all those regrets. PUT YOURSELF ON THE LIST.

It is not difficult. I use the process I have on my Forgiveness CD all the time. I regularly clear my stuff out–cause I want to go with my flow!

This Forgiveness CD can be purchased on my website under products—and is a life saver.

There is a lot of good stuff out there on how to forgive. Find what resonates with you and do it.

You can also do a simple little process:

Make a list–either on paper or in your mind–and as each person, including “you” comes to mind—simply say:

I bless you, I forgive you and I release you….you may need to repeat once or twice more.

Keep breathing through this—and see the person just floating off to their highest good -as the ties that bound you to them are released. Feel the rush of freedom and lightness as you do this.

REMEMBER–it is YOU that you are freeing. Literally—in any given moment we all are doing the best we can in that moment-and then when we know better we have an opportunity to do better.

What do you say that you practice the “F” word and let your freedom ring!