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YIKES—I literally almost got stuck in the mailbox just the other day!!! I was mailing a VERY VERY–and I mean VERY  important time sensitive letter and I thought that if I just jumped in the mailbox and stayed with the letter –then I could make sure it got delivered correctly! Ta da—brilliant I thought! Jeeeeeez—– you know they just do not make those boxes as big as they ought too—never mind then having to ride in one of those little bags inside those stop and go little Postal Jeeps………………..I mean really—-but how else will I make sure that that VERY VERY important letter gets there?????????

Wait————–whaaaaat???? What is that I am hearing??????????  Just drop the letter in and LET IT GO?????????????

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—now that just might have a very good point. Drop it in, let it go, trust the process, go about my normal everyday life, no need to think about it every friggin minute of the day and wonder if or when it will get there….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that sure has a much more peaceful and empowering feel to it–eh?

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy—thank you for indulging my playfulness! I do think my point has been made—–using a pretty silly story to illustrate the point of the point!

Relaxxxxxxxxxx—and once you set an intention, big or small–LET IT GO—TRUST THE PROCESS AND DIVINE TIMING OF IT ALL—

I’ll leave you with this little one as I go–the last time you went to a restaurant and ordered something yummy off the menu-did you then excuse yourself from the table and barge into the kitchen and make sure they did it right?? I think not–instead you enjoyed AND savored the wait…………………………

Oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…






Pretty darn good friggin question –huh???

Now I know I am dating myself just a bit with the Robert Redford one—but I still think he is VERY hot—and Kevin Costner with all that boyish charm—-YIKES——Okeedokie—I will come back to earth and to the point at hand—-

We all have heard it said so many times that ‘Thoughts become things’.

Is it really true? Do all our dominant thoughts actually really materialize? Wellllllll of course not, or all of us would be living our fantasies and giving up the day job, to live on a vineyard in Italy—or on our yacht, or with Robert Redford—or the hot young flavor of the month.

The whole ‘thoughts become things’…thing… has been repeated so often that it’s sort of a cliché now. But what does it really mean and, more importantly, is it true?

Well, many people will tell you that it translates very literally. Every thought you ever had, are currently having or ever will have is alive and well  somewhere in the Universe just waiting to interact with something else, take solid form and manifest into our lives as a physical thing.


Well, honestly –given that no one can either prove or disprove it by any means that scientists agree on being accurate, it’s a bit of a moot point. That said, we do know from physics that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. That is a scientifically proven point!

Hmmm—so from this one perspective alone then a thought IS already a thing…..

But—- can that thought energy be manipulated and used to bring what’s in your mind to life?

HOLY MOLY—-That is the real question– isn’t it?

Well, you only need to look around you for your answer!

Every single piece of clothing you’re wearing right now, every piece of jewelry, the house you’re standing in, the car in your driveway, all of it, every last thing started out as a thought in someone’s head yet now as you glance around you it’s a real thing in real life.

These thoughts have already become things, right?

But the thoughts become things crowd aren’t really using the statement in this way are they? They’re saying that any thought held for long enough in your mind must, by law, become that thing in reality.

“Think enough about earning a million dollars and it’s yours”.

That’s what we tend to hear…

It is true???—— trust me—there is more to it than this.

If it were as simple as we’ve been told—- then 16 year old boys would be the happiest people on earth.

You’re gonna love this—

Ok—Just ask your average hot-blooded 16 year old boy what they’re thinking about and if they’re honest enough to answer they’ll tell you that they’re thinking of— girls, girls, girls.

Doesn’t matter where they are, what they’re doing or who they’re with, they’ve got girls on their mind in some way, shape or form. Anybody who’s been around 16 year old boys—knows that to be true!

Now—using the law of –“thoughts becoming things” — the likelihood of this young boy achieving his goal of manifesting at least one girl into his room is pretty high.

After all, he’s thinking about them all the time, he’s certainly desirous of having his girl–ooops— I mean goal—- come to life and his thoughts are so consistent and intense that he should practically be able to materialize a girl in front of him right now….just like a genie!

Yet that doesn’t quite happen does it?

Not for this teenage boy, not for the house you want or the car, the relationship  or the money either.

Here’s why.

Thoughts DON’T become things.

Thoughts CAN become things.

Are you just a bit confused?

Don’t be– it’s pretty simple to understand.

It means this; just because you think about a thing, it doesn’t mean it will appear in your life. You think thousands of thoughts a day yet you don’t see them all magically appear around you– do you? In fact, most of the things you think about don’t show up in your life at all.

But—- they could.

Ok—here we go—are you ready for the answer????

If you had the EMOTION and then took the ACTION required to turn a thought into a thing you could take any thought and bring it to life.

The best way to understand what I’m talking about is this.

Just because you bought all the ingredients for a chocolate cake, doesn’t mean you’ll be eating cake for dessert tonight does it?

There are things you have to do to take the yummy pile of ingredients on your kitchen counter to turn them into a scrumptious dessert or they’ll simply remain ingredients won’t they?

You have to weigh, measure, mix and cook them in just a certain way before they make the transformation from ingredients to the end result of your intention—- a deeeeelicious chocolate cake don’t you?

It doesn’t matter how much you think of the cake, how positive you are, how good you feel or anything else you may have read about bending the Universe to your will, the truth is, if you want to be eating cake after dinner tonight, you have to DO something to those ingredients.

Thinking alone just won’t cut it.

So back to — turning your thoughts into things.

The great news is that it’s a pretty friggin simple process to make the transformation .

It looks like this:

Thoughts ==>Feelings ==> Emotions ==> Actions ==> Results (Things)

Let me explain it a little more. This is six-year old simple—and I like simple.

Thoughts when held long enough create feelings of some kind.

Feelings held long enough become emotions.

Emotions when intensified enough drive us to take certain actions.

Actions create reactions or, what we would call results or ‘things’.


Nothing too mind-shattering there. Hardly rocket science is it?

Yet —do NOT let the simplicity of this success ‘recipe’ fool you.

It is the most powerful thing you’ll ever learn in your lifetime. It’ll bring you anything you want!

Here’s how.

1. Think about the thing you desire –and BE SPECIFIC.  Remind yourself about how serious you are about having it come to life by writing it down on a card or piece of paper, carrying that card with you everywhere you go.

2. Strengthen those thoughts by paying attention to how you feel about the goals. Make yourself positive, optimistic and truly excited by getting it. If you do not feel good about the goal—then it is the wrong goal!! This is a major point to pay attention to!

*** Remind yourself as often as possible that it’s not a matter of IF you will achieve your goal or not, but WHEN.

3. Strengthen your feeling about the goal by becoming truly passionate about having it come true in your life. Add as much emotion to the thoughts as you possibly can by listening to uplifting music, dancing, laughing and engaging in other positive experiences while thinking about it. Take NO MORE than 5 minutes a day—to visualize your goal—and see yourself IN the picture—and then ADD the feelings…lots of feelings…..and remember it needs to feel really really good—I mean luscious, yummy good—the kind of feelings that automatically bring a smile to your face.

4. Use the feelings and passion for your specific goal to motivate you into taking at least one small action toward it every day without fail. Come on now—one small action—towards that which you so deeply desire—is way not too much to ask!

It doesn’t get any simpler than that, does it?

Now here’ s the thing— you could just jump straight into the final step of taking action, like a lot of people do, but you really gotta —I mean really gotta—have the emotion and feeling to fuel you to keep moving forward…….consistently.

So—how about some chocolate cake tonight?????

Oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.







What if I told you that there was this cool part of your brain that acts like a heat seeking missile and programs  your  mind to work on your goal whether you realize it or not???

Yes—it is real–and you can very simply and powerfully activate that beautiful part of your brain to go on autopilot and get you what you really really–I mean  REALLLLLY want—- now!

This glorious part of your brain is called the Reticular Activating System. It is very, very ‘real’. I mean—imagine if you could decide on what you wanted and automatically ‘something’ went to work to make sure that you got just that! WOWEEE!!!

Imagine if you didn’t have to consciously look for opportunities, if you didn’t have to think about ‘how’ you were going to do the things you wanted to do, imagine if the opportunities themselves presented themselves to you all by themselves ‘as if by magic’.

Ooooooohhh—Yummy magic—I bet you are thinking right now—–Hey–I’d like some of that magic!

Quick—what do I do?????? Gimme my magic….

First let me say now that this is not science fiction, its science fact. You DO possess the ability to set your unconscious mind on auto pilot to assist you in getting those goals you so deeply desire.

So –what the heck is your RAS (Reticular Activating System)?

Let’s imagine you are at a party and there is a lot of people talking, music playing and general party noise.  You are talking to your friend and the two of you can hear each other just fine. Now … you can hear all of the talking and noise going on around you. The 30 or so people all talking at the same time- however– make for a ‘crowd chatter’ none of which you are paying any particular attention to, or are you? If the music and talking just stopped instantly, would you be able to repeat what everyone in the room had just said? Probably not.  Does that mean you didn’t hear it? Absolutely not!

Now imagine that you are back at the party and the hustle and bustle is going on, you are back chatting to your friend and amongst the 30 or so people talking, someone says YOUR name.  Now.. you heard THAT didn’t you !? …… your ears perk up, you turn your head and you look straight over to where the sound came from, often directly into the eyes of the person who said it. Now how does THAT work !?

Well, your oh so cool RAS is like a filter between your unconscious and your conscious mind. It is a pleasure seeking, and recognition system that works in the background, in your Unconscious mind to identify, recognize, and bring into our conscious awareness anything that is important to us.  Guess what else it looks for? It looks for affirmations, evidence to back up our beliefs and brings them into our awareness as it finds them. That my dear friends— is why goal setting is so important, or rather why EFFECTIVE  CLEAR goal setting is so important!!  It is also why it is so friggin important that we use only empowering language when we communicate with ourselves.

I am really trying to make a critically helpful point here—so listen up. J  Have you ever noticed how if you say you can’t do something you are always right? Conversely—if you say you can do something—you can! Henry Ford said ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.

REMEMBER—Your unconscious mind only deals in positives, so it takes the words ‘I can’t’ as instruction to DO the process of can’t, and then your RAS looks for evidence to back up your belief! WHOAAAA!

The same thing is true if you state things in the positive, if you say ‘I can’ then INSTANTLY your RAS sets about looking for evidence to back that up, brings it into your awareness and re-enforces the belief that you ‘CAN’. Can I hear an AMEN HERE??!

Your RAS looks everywhere to find the evidence or pleasurable item it is seeking, including what you have going on internally! Ever heard the phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’??  I prefer to say we create the vision in our mind of how we DO want it—step into it—and then add the magic element of feeling and VOILA–your RAS gets real busy to make it happen!

You see once you have given the suggestion or vision  to your unconscious mind your RAS will go to work to seek pleasure and closure and to ‘prove’ your suggestion to be correct!!

What is your RAS seeking to prove correct for you right now????

Cheers to you!


Twelve words that change your life!

Hello and Happy May!

These twelve words will literally CHANGE your life.

I always know what to do, when to do it– and how. 

These words send a most powerful message to your unconscious mind–“The Captain of your ship”. The powerful instructions it gives to your unconscious mind is stunning. It instantaneously moves you into a place of power and allows and instructs  your unconscious mind to “ALWAYS know what to do, when to do it and how“.

I’m telling you—say— these—-twelve words at all times and in all circumstances and then  buckle up–for the flow of life will beautifully and swiftly carry you forward!

Here’s to the flow of your life carrying you downstream where everything you want is anyhow!!!



The Dynamic Duo–Decision and Design—-


I want you to think about this—

If you don’t design your own life—then do you realize the chances are that you’ll fall into someone else’s design??? 


Is that what you want?

Now—-when you pair DECISION and DESIGN together —then you literally take over the wheel of your proverbial ship, instead of sitting back and just going where the wind blows or being pulled into the wake of someone else’s current.

YUP–a lack of decision and design is a recipe for unhappiness and that good old–Gee–I’m just not fulfilled –or I just don’t understand why I always end up here.

I have to be honest with you–it takes guts to decide what you want and design it. I mean think about it—when is the last time that you decided to  paint  a room and just stood in the middle of the room and threw the open paint can at the walls and were satisfied with the outcome?

Do you just get dressed in the morning and stand there and let the clothes fall wherever they may –or do you take care and be deliberate it about it?

You know what the answer is.

I recently got very serious about a goal I have been entertaining, I took some action and then went about my business. It is just  like mailing a letter –you just mail it and then let go. You don’t have to jump in the mailbox with the letter!

Once  I got CLEAR — wouldn’t you know it—–seemingly out of the blue 🙂  it  happened. It blossomed so quickly. Honestly I could not  have even imagined it occurring the way it is…I LOVE IT!!

The key is clarity of decision.  Decision means cut off other possibilities. You gotta love that one!

What do you say that you pair up that dynamic duo and then simply — (but do not underestimate the power of it)—TAKE SOME ACTION TOWARDS IT????


You deserve it—-ALL.