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Archive for April, 2013


If I tell you NOT to think about think about a  purple tree–what do you think about??

YUP–a purple tree!

We cannot not think about what we do not want to think about without thinking about it! 


We have tended to be a society that focuses on what we do not want—I mean after all we think it is good to process it all and talk about where we at –and so so and so on etc…ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……

Oh and by the way—-we also like to share it with people, and there is never a shortage of people to commiserate with and support us in this place.

All of that only enhances the focus on what we do not want.

None of it —gets you closer to what you want EVER.

In life –you absolutely get what you focus on.

You get what you expect—period. It  is really that simple.

Use the quick fix that creates magic—

Simply say: Won’t it be nice when I am thinking about what I want….and then also insert how you want to feel…Won’t it be nice when I am feeling…. remembering that behind the words–the feelings are the most powerful magnetic attractor. Trust  me on that one!

The “won’t it be nice” phrase IS an instant game changer. It gently but powerfully shifts your thoughts AND your feelings —in a sweet way that gets complete buy in from the Captain of your ship—YOUR unconscious mind—!

Won’t it be nice when —-you go on out there now and FOCUS on that which you want and have some fun!






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The Dynamic Duo–Decision and Design—-


I want you to think about this—

If you don’t design your own life—then do you realize the chances are that you’ll fall into someone else’s design??? 


Is that what you want?

Now—-when you pair DECISION and DESIGN together —then you literally take over the wheel of your proverbial ship, instead of sitting back and just going where the wind blows or being pulled into the wake of someone else’s current.

YUP–a lack of decision and design is a recipe for unhappiness and that good old–Gee–I’m just not fulfilled –or I just don’t understand why I always end up here.

I have to be honest with you–it takes guts to decide what you want and design it. I mean think about it—when is the last time that you decided to  paint  a room and just stood in the middle of the room and threw the open paint can at the walls and were satisfied with the outcome?

Do you just get dressed in the morning and stand there and let the clothes fall wherever they may –or do you take care and be deliberate it about it?

You know what the answer is.

I recently got very serious about a goal I have been entertaining, I took some action and then went about my business. It is just  like mailing a letter –you just mail it and then let go. You don’t have to jump in the mailbox with the letter!

Once  I got CLEAR — wouldn’t you know it—–seemingly out of the blue 🙂  it  happened. It blossomed so quickly. Honestly I could not  have even imagined it occurring the way it is…I LOVE IT!!

The key is clarity of decision.  Decision means cut off other possibilities. You gotta love that one!

What do you say that you pair up that dynamic duo and then simply — (but do not underestimate the power of it)—TAKE SOME ACTION TOWARDS IT????


You deserve it—-ALL.




Success is yours if….


I hope you  are having an abundantly awesome April–I AM! WOWWWEEE!

The powerful question that follows below can be a serious life changer—read it —take a deep breath–and then go ahead and answer it —

Grab a piece of paper and have FUN–write down everything you can think of and then take a step forward–towards anything on the list–I mean anything—just one step–you will be amazed how the Universe conspires to support you!

Here you go—-


Go ahead–yes you—–the Universe is waiting……………………………. 🙂


What’s in your mind?????



Love this great little power packing thought…..


What you find in your mind is what YOU put there.

Put GOOOOOOOOD things in there.


Inventory your powerful mind and decide what YOU want in there and then choose thought—fully!


Here’s to an AWESOME APRIL!!


Have a GREAT day!