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Stepping Stones to Success

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Archive for September, 2010

Motivational moment for Monday!


How about for today you pause, take a deep breath, get in touch with your desire  (yes—that’s the one…..I mean that one…yes…exactly….that’ right…)  and then feel your desire —really feel it deep down as if —-IT IS HERE RIGHT NOW!

Now–read this quote by the great Napoleon Hill.

“When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.”
–Napoleon Hill

Go forward this week and watch what unfolds!


Outrageous October manifesting!!

During this event you will  learn powerful techniques to mainifest your dreams, with speed and clarity in a way that is FUN AND LIGHT!

Do you know that the one problem with our goals and dreams is that we do NOT dream big enough! YES–we limit ourselves and therefore we limit the WHAT and the HOW our dreams will come into our lives!

Come and join me on Wednesday October 6th, 2010  from 7 – 9 pm in Pacifica for this outrageous October manifesting event! 

Make your reservation now!  e-mail me now at

Doors open at 6:40 pm!

We had a great event in September and this evening will ignite your dreams and propel you forward!

I will guide you on how to dream big enough, clearly decide what you want,  and then let it go—yet trust with total certainty the inevitability of your dream!

I will begin to teach you the very same techniques that I have used to manifest the home of my dreams, vacations, my dream car and so much more!

Come and be prepared to have FUN!

HURRY, make your reservation NOW, as space is limited! Your investment for this event is $40.

I will be providing yummy snacks!

E-mail me at for details, directions etc!

I look forwad to seeing you and your dreams there!!

Remember —B.Y.O.B.D. (bring your own big dreams!)



Not enough time????

How many times do you hear yourself saying I wish I had more time or I just don’t have enough time  to do what I want to do? You know we ALL have an equal number of hours in a day! YES-we all have 24 hours!! I once heard someone say – if you want to find out what is important to someone –look at their calendar and checkbook! WOW! That really resonated with me AND pulled my covers! YIKES!

Remember, in life we either have results or reasons and excuses! I used to have lots of excuses and interestingly enough I got NO results —well, actually I did get results –JUST not the ones that I said I wanted!  IF you keep doing what you have done then you will keep getting what you got! Is that what you really want?

Think about this….we only have as much time as there is AND we have all the time that there is!

Have you ever heard it said that if you want something done -give it to a busy and successful person?

Yes—success demands focus and that demands time….we must learn to laser our focus!

Today is the tomorrow of yesterday! Ask yourself  today ———what has waiting cost you already?????????

Well that’s it for now, I must go, today is waiting , but I am not!




What a sweet September it has been thus far!!

Fall is in the air and the trees are beginning too treat us to their spectacular annual splash of color!  I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!
Are you really ready to move beyond what is keeping you from what you truly want???
If you are then JOIN ME……………………………..
This MONDAY September 20th from 9-10am (PST) I will be hosting my very own hour on Seeing Beyond!
The show will be broadcast live on KEST 1450 AM in San Francisco OR you can now listen to it streaming live online at
IF you are unable to listen live you can listen any time later to the archived program at or directly on my website. 
This Monday I will be talking about:
The magic KEYS that will unlock your desired outcome!
Unlock your dream and step into the doing and listen this MONDAY SEPTEMBER 2oth at 9AM!
I will be taking callers and plan on having a very lively hour!
Call in at  415-543-8255

Listen for free giveaways, specials and upcoming events!!

WHAT:    Hosting my own one hour radio show on Seeing Beyond!!

WHEN:     Monday September 20th 2010           
                 9AM -10AM  (PST)

WHERE:   LIVE on the radio at KEST 1450 am in San Francisco

                 LIVE online at
Here’s to your dreams!

Action for today….


WOW!! It is MONDAY…and what a truly marvelous Monday it is!

I am just back in town from a terrific opportunity to receive some PHENOMENAL training! It was FANTASTIC!

Being able to step fully onto the field and  have my covers pulled to fully enable me  to achieve that which I desire is both humbling and EMPOWERING all at the same time!

How about if  you all put a little magic in your Monday…and take ACTION –RIGHT NOW–towards a dream or goal you have.  

Remember– if you keep doing what you have done you will keep getting what you got!

I will leave you with this great quote from Napoleon Hill-

“It is always your next move.”

What is your move going to be??

Today –will you choose to be at the “effect” of life  with reasons and excuses..OR will you choose to be at “cause” and get the results you want!

Here’s to your results!