Watch for announcements about Gail’ s events to talk about her upcoming BRAND NEW  book—-“Secrets to Getting Your Friggin Fairy Tale–How I fell in love with me while I was looking for you.

Gail’s first book is out and is being widely used by so many people who are learning how to navigate their way through the change that will lead them to their prized goals!  She  is co- author with John Gray, Stephen Covey and Les Brown in GPS for Success. Gail talks about how you can tap into the heart of your success and create the life of your dreams. This book is chock full of strategies for success. You do not want to miss this! Simply go to the product page and purchase now!

Gail second  book  is your guide to the mystery to that  weight loss that has eluded you! Simply go to the product page and order now. She is co -author in Stepping Stones for Success with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, and Denis Waitley. Gail shares her personal success with weight loss, her journey to her perfect size and how her system will help you too. Gail describes in detail her “Heart of Success Perfect Size System” ! Contact Gail at for more details and your questions on how to achieve your perfect size–once and for all!

Gail is hosting regular group events in Pacifica, where you get a chance to participate in processes that will enable you gain forward momentum towards that which you desire. Check out Gail’s blog for updates and announcements about when these events will be taking place. E-mail Gail at   and get routine notifications about these powerful events.

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