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Stepping Stones to Success

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Archive for June, 2011

Sending negative emotions away!

We all have negative emotions—-no surprise right? It is just s a part of life. It is what you do ABOUT them and HOW you deal with them that matters.

Very often we try to make believe we do not have them, we get frustrated that we have them, or we get mad that we have them or we reallllllllllllllllllly indulge them. NONE of these actions make them go away, in fact it just adds more negative emotion on top of the already exiting ones. YUCK!

Here’s a very quick fix that will give you relief to ease the moment. First, ACKNOWLEDGE that you have it, now remember acknowledging is not indulging it. Then, once you acknowledge it, imagine that this emotion is a balloon with a string.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO TIE THE STRING TO YOU FINGERS as this is just like indulging it! Imagine that you just let it flow through your fingers and let it go…… it floating  away….further and further…….that’s right ……just…. like that.

As you let it float away notice the relief and take a deep breath and move on with your day!  


Tomorrow we are going to talk about a sizzling hot topic!!!!!!!!!
Have you been thinking about your relationships—with family, partners, friends, your sweetheart, colleagues, bosses??? Ready to have some things change but just don’t quite know what to do?? Maybe you are thinking a lot about that “special ” relationship?? Maybe you are even thinking about dating???  Wondering how to even begin? How do you make shifts in those less than optimal relationships??? How do you make a good relationship, either personal or professional even better? How do you align yourself with what you want as you begin to date??????? 
Get your pen and paper ready and plan to tune in and listen !!

YES! Get ready for a great show TOMORROW  FRIDAY June 10th @ 9AM PST

 JOIN ME for an hour of fun, juicy information and great tips on the “HOW”!!
 TOMORROW— Friday June 10th  from 9-10 AM (PST) I will be hosting my own hour on Seeing Beyond!
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I will be open and taking your calls and questions!
Get your questions ready and call in at  415-543-8255 !!
Let’s take confusion and turn it into clarity !
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WHAT:    Hosting my own one hour radio show on Seeing Beyond!!

WHEN:    Friday,June 10th, 2011          
                 9AM -10AM  (PST)

WHERE:   LIVE on the radio at KEST 1450 am in San Francisco
                 LIVE online at
Set the stage to make this a sizzzzling summer for you now!
I’ll “see” you on the radio!