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Love this quote-perfect timing!


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
——Albert Einstein

This quote so aptly reflects my magical life —

Yes—it has been quite a while since I have written to you all—I have been riding the wave of life and I must admit it got pretty wet! Haaa!

The good news is that I am sufficienlty dried off and am rocking and rolling now!

I have spent quiet a bit of time finsihing my book and to say I am thrilled is an understatement! The book flowed through me and I am hard at work with editors, webmasters, and my publicist.

My book will be published this year–and I am so darn excited to share it with you all. I know I was meant to write this book and share my message— Yesssirreeee!

As the quote above says—-and yup—-so it goes.

Watch for my book—

“The Secret to Getting the Friggin Fairytale”– How I fell in love with me while I was looking for you.


Stay tuned!

LAUGHTER———–YUP—put some laughter on!

Do you know that a young child can laugh over 300 times a day whereas an adult will “chuckle” ONLY a fraction of this amount — often much less, if at all. Oh dear—-and that is no friggin joke.

When life is taken too seriously, we are missing out on one of the greatest health boosting habits around. Feel good endorphins, pain management, lower blood pressure, protection from illness, a sharper mind — are just a few perks a little levity can supply. Laughter makes people smarter, more productive, and some would say, way more sexier! Ooooooo goodie!

Yup—and it’s just what the doctor ordered! As it turns out, a good sense of humor is essential for thriving health. Not only is it pleasurable; laughter stimulates the heart and lungs, relieves stress and strengthens the immune system. It even enhances the intake of oxygen, stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles — benefiting major organs and triggering the release of endorphins. This, in turn, leads to more happy states of enjoyment. Having a lively laugh (that’s me for sure! ) also relieves discomfort by prompting the body to produce natural painkillers and interrupts the pain-spasm cycle of muscle disorders as well. On top of that, laughter lowers blood sugar levels — promising news for diabetics. Time to put those cookies down and get your laugh on!

Laughter sharpens the mind too. Ron Berk, PhD of Johns Hopkins Medical School began using humor to alleviate his students’ lecture induced lethargy. He quickly realized that not only did his students stay awake, but there was also a noticeable spike in test scores. To support his theory, Berk and a colleague divided the class into two groups. Everyone took the same exam, but only one group received instructions that were funny. The students who were given a measure of amusement scored considerably higher on the test.

Research has shown that laughter, like love and contentment, broadens thinking, really allows us to adapt to those ever changing circumstances and spurs creativity. Scientists believe this is caused by the way humor activates the reward center of the brain. In a Stanford University study, participants were placed in MRI machines and shown Bizarro cartoons. When the jokes were found to be funny, a central area of the brain called the nucleus accumbens (the whaaaat???) became active. This is the VERY same reward circuit that pumps out dopamine when we have sex or consume chocolate. Ohhhh YUMMMM. Now-that is worth paying attention to! Dopamine is that neurotransmitter that stimulates the frontal lobe which is where creative thought takes place. Soooo—enjoying that good laugh helps us to think out of the box and with way more efficiency. Pretty good deal huh????

HOW to spark a little laughter??
Do you need a wee bit of inspiration to bring a bit of laughter into your life?

Here are just a few ideas to get you giggling………………

– Go to the card store and read all the funny cards—SERIOUSLY—especially the ones that make sounds. (Have you seen me there????)

– Tickle or be tickled–oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

– Keep humor close at hand with pics or silly movies that make you chuckle.

–Go to You Tube—and watch some silly videos—especially ones of little kids—you will crack up!

– Make it a habit of spending time with lighthearted and amusing friends and family.

– See the humor in everyday life, human foibles and all…it is ALWAYS waiting to be noticed.

– Spend time with a young child — laughter is seriously contagious.

– Go to the zoo

– Go to the toy store ( yes the toy store 🙂 )

Holy moly–with all the stress and doom and gloom these days, it is SO friggin important to offset the negativity with a silly giggle here and there. A good dose of comic relief and camaraderie will lighten your life, improve your mind and relaxxxxxxxxx the body.

It’s really going to even make you more healthy to boot. Yup—for sure.

Come on now—-go ahead—-get on that computer and check out You Tube—- it is chock full of hysterical stuff!

Okeedokie–gotta go put my laugh on!

Gail 🙂

WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! What a ride I have been taking in this full and wonderful life! I have had such a chock full mega rich magical time with family and friends…and then top it all off with a WOW professional life too! These past few months have whizzed by and I am back just in time to send out a juicy thought for you that will surely bring in your 2014 with feel goooooooooood feelings rippling up and down your spine!

OK–now —you all know that you get what you focus on—and the quality of your life is determined by the focus of your attention.

As the New Year dawns– I am asking you to turn your attention to that which is your authentic nature.

Loving kindness and generosity of spirit IS your authentic nature. I am asking you to choose this authentic space to come from, for you, for one another, and for this beautiful place we call home!

Seriously–can you imagine if you gave the good wishes of the greatest good within us all–the support, strength, attention, awareness, focus, energy, and effort you could muster????

Ohhhh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………

 Yup—-not only would it feel pretty friggin good for you—but I’m telling you—that energy is contagious!

 So—I have an easy and cool way to do this—-

In this New Year I ask you to turn your attention and ….….If you could do “one thing” that would…………..

change your mind

change your attitude

change your day

change your life

change the world

change your focus

…what would you do?

 Wondering what that “one thing” might be?

 The answer is amazingly simple. That “one thing” is whatever you want it to be!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, in each and every moment of each day there is “one thing” you can do to honor life, one thing that will honor you, others and the world you live in. It might be a simple random act of kindness, calling a friend just to say I love you, helping one of your co-workers, thanking someone for being in your life, giving a compliment, reading a story to a child, carrying someone’s bags, opening the door for a stranger, smiling at a stranger, appreciating 3 things around you, singing to your favorite song, find some snow and make a snowman, help someone take down their Holiday decorations, cook a meal for someone, watch a funny movie, buy someone a cup of coffee that you do not know… the list could go on and on. It can be anything!!

 We live in one world. Nothing can happen to you that doesn’t happen to me. Nothing can happen to them that doesn’t happen to us. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. We are in this together. HOORAY–let’s make each day, each moment better!!!

 Here are two great quotes to wrap the year up—one with more weighty words to ponder and one with some silly and lighthearted words—yet both pack a powerful message!

 In the words of George Bernard Shaw:

“This is the true joy in life, to be used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one, to be thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap. To be a force of nature instead of a feverish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. I am a member of a community and as a member it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can before I die. Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch that I want to make burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.”

 And as Dr. Seuss would remind us:

 “You have brains in your head,

you have feet in your shoes,

you can steer yourself

in any direction you choose.

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way.”


Gail 🙂 🙂


Happy October–my most favorite time of the year! Growing up back east—I get all excited when the leaves turn–my kid like spirit jumps for joy!

Speaking of jumping for joy—-my life is absolutely rocking right now—my oldest daughter is getting married in one week–and love is in the air—HOORAY—I just feel it pulsating everywhere! OHH YUMMMM!

Now—back to the question of the question—the question IS the answer.

YUP—It is always the answer—the best way to live your life is in “living in the question”.

That is exactly why  my life rocks—I am constantly living in the questions.

For example:


How can it get any better than this?

What would it take for… to….??? ( hey listen—- that one got me a free trip to Tahoe, Italy, the car of my dreams–AND the home of my dreams–oh yes–and I released that big bunch of  weight had battled with for years–and on and on I could go!)

What ELSE can I do? (notice the difference between that question and just the one that says –what can I do?–big difference there!)

What would it take for the greatness of me to show up today?

What grand and glorious adventure is in store for me today?


Now–those are just a few questions for you to have fun with!

PLEASE—Live in the question—do not search for answers–and then listen, follow your guidance, TAKE the action your are guided to take— be patient—-and trust the process and watch what happens!

HapPpPpy questioning to you!

Gail 🙂




I think I hear the Beatles…….!!


Yup–gotta love the Beatles—-recently I heard their famous song—“All you need is love” —I was on a particularly long commute that day–with lots of time to think—and so I did…………………..A LOT.

I read a powerful story not too long ago—that came to mind while sitting in traffic.

There was a young Jewish woman who had fled Nazi Germany in 1942. She was now traveling on a train , alone, looking out the window at the beautiful  vineyards and villages of the Italian countryside. She was hoping to remain unnoticed. She’d been traveling around for three years from safe place to another safe place –from kind friend to kind friend.

Suddenly the door at the other end of the train swung open and two police officers came in. The young woman’s heart was beating wildly. They were wearing the black uniforms of the Fascisti—the government police. To her horror–they began to make their way down the aisle — stopping at each row to examine papers of each passenger.

She knew that once they discovered she had no papers she would be arrested. She was terrified she would end up in a concentration camp.

The officers were getting closer-she began to tremble and tears slid down her cheeks.

The man sitting next to her asked her why she was crying.

I’m Jewish and I have no papers, she whispered.

To her surprise, a few seconds later the man began shouting at her, “You idiot! I can’t believe how stupid you are! What an imbecile!”

The police officers hearing the commotion stopped what they were doing and came over. “What’s going on here?” The young woman began to cry even harder.

The man turned a disgusted face to the policeman and said  “Officers-take this woman away! I have my papers, but my wife has forgotten hers. She always forgets everything. I’m so sick of her. I don’t ever want to see her again!”

The officers laughed, shaking their heads at the couple’s marital spat, and moved on.

With this selfless act of caring—“and act of pure human love”–this woman’s life was saved. The young woman never saw this man again. She never even knew his name.

What moved this man–to do such a thing?

He didn’t help her because she had made him a great breakfast that morning–or because she did anything for him. He did not do it because he would get recognized for it.

He did it simply because in that moment of heroism he was moved by an impulse of compassion and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

POWERFUL story. POWERFUL concept.

I have two beautiful adult daughters– one who is on the doorstep of marriage ( next month!) to an incredibly wonderful man. Both of them fill my heart with joy. I am proud beyond my mere words. To this day we laugh about how when they were growing up–and in a quandary–I would always say to them–just ask yourself this question–“If love were here–what would love do now.”

Of course I would hear a big groan–Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……

Yet today –we smile and know that love is at the core of all they do.

So—-take a minute and listen to the Beatles—COME ON—JUST DO IT—because —




Gail 🙂