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Motivation Archives

Hello! Ta Da! I’m back!

Well, well well…’s been quite a while since I have written and life sure has been full of lots of wondrous events, including my marriage! HOORAY for love! What a beautiful wedding it was this year on the shores of my beloved Cape Cod….so much to be grateful for.
Yes—–I’m still finishing the edits on my book–about my search for the friggin fairy tale–so stay tuned—I have to say—-it REALLY ROCKS—and I’m jazzed to finish the edits and get it out! 
Anyway–back to my reason for reaching out to you today.
Do any of  these phrases sound familiar to you as you are thinking about getting something done???
**  I will do that tomorrow
**  I will do that as soon as I have SOME time
**  I will do that when things quiet down
** OR I will do that when I feel the urge
** I will do it when I am motivated
** I I’ll do it soon
** I’ll do it when I’m focused
or…………………………… or………………. and I could go on AND on….and the bottom line is it will drag on and on–and you will feel that uncomfortable yucky feeling of procrastinating—and it may never get done—UNTIL–you just take ACTION—ANY friggin action that gets you moving!!
YUP—so my little I’ll do it tomorrow—etc etcccccccc……just went on and on–true there were lots of super big things pulling at me from all areas of life—yet –come on–I was not exactly the poster child for the Nike ad that says —“Just do it”. 
So, one day you wake up –and you just DO IT–you take the action in life that gets your feet moving and voila–here I sit typing to you–
motivated by my lack of motivation. Now-there’s one for you! HAAAA! 
I’ve come to know that there’s a reason and season for everything. It’s all about riding the wave that life brings you. OMG—-that was an awfully long wave…….OK–let me dry off and get back to the business at hand. 
Know this—the one powerful truth is that everyone does the BEST they can in every moment. So, I breathe and know that today was the day I hit the action button and tomorrow is finally here!!
What about you? What is it that you are waiting for , or putting off, or…..????
You can join me and Nike  and …..”Just Do It” !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I gotta tell you —it feels goooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gail 🙂 🙂 

Love this quote-perfect timing!


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
——Albert Einstein

This quote so aptly reflects my magical life —

Yes—it has been quite a while since I have written to you all—I have been riding the wave of life and I must admit it got pretty wet! Haaa!

The good news is that I am sufficienlty dried off and am rocking and rolling now!

I have spent quiet a bit of time finsihing my book and to say I am thrilled is an understatement! The book flowed through me and I am hard at work with editors, webmasters, and my publicist.

My book will be published this year–and I am so darn excited to share it with you all. I know I was meant to write this book and share my message— Yesssirreeee!

As the quote above says—-and yup—-so it goes.

Watch for my book—

“The Secret to Getting the Friggin Fairytale”– How I fell in love with me while I was looking for you.


Stay tuned!

I think I hear the Beatles…….!!


Yup–gotta love the Beatles—-recently I heard their famous song—“All you need is love” —I was on a particularly long commute that day–with lots of time to think—and so I did…………………..A LOT.

I read a powerful story not too long ago—that came to mind while sitting in traffic.

There was a young Jewish woman who had fled Nazi Germany in 1942. She was now traveling on a train , alone, looking out the window at the beautiful  vineyards and villages of the Italian countryside. She was hoping to remain unnoticed. She’d been traveling around for three years from safe place to another safe place –from kind friend to kind friend.

Suddenly the door at the other end of the train swung open and two police officers came in. The young woman’s heart was beating wildly. They were wearing the black uniforms of the Fascisti—the government police. To her horror–they began to make their way down the aisle — stopping at each row to examine papers of each passenger.

She knew that once they discovered she had no papers she would be arrested. She was terrified she would end up in a concentration camp.

The officers were getting closer-she began to tremble and tears slid down her cheeks.

The man sitting next to her asked her why she was crying.

I’m Jewish and I have no papers, she whispered.

To her surprise, a few seconds later the man began shouting at her, “You idiot! I can’t believe how stupid you are! What an imbecile!”

The police officers hearing the commotion stopped what they were doing and came over. “What’s going on here?” The young woman began to cry even harder.

The man turned a disgusted face to the policeman and said  “Officers-take this woman away! I have my papers, but my wife has forgotten hers. She always forgets everything. I’m so sick of her. I don’t ever want to see her again!”

The officers laughed, shaking their heads at the couple’s marital spat, and moved on.

With this selfless act of caring—“and act of pure human love”–this woman’s life was saved. The young woman never saw this man again. She never even knew his name.

What moved this man–to do such a thing?

He didn’t help her because she had made him a great breakfast that morning–or because she did anything for him. He did not do it because he would get recognized for it.

He did it simply because in that moment of heroism he was moved by an impulse of compassion and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

POWERFUL story. POWERFUL concept.

I have two beautiful adult daughters– one who is on the doorstep of marriage ( next month!) to an incredibly wonderful man. Both of them fill my heart with joy. I am proud beyond my mere words. To this day we laugh about how when they were growing up–and in a quandary–I would always say to them–just ask yourself this question–“If love were here–what would love do now.”

Of course I would hear a big groan–Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……

Yet today –we smile and know that love is at the core of all they do.

So—-take a minute and listen to the Beatles—COME ON—JUST DO IT—because —




Gail 🙂



YIKES—I literally almost got stuck in the mailbox just the other day!!! I was mailing a VERY VERY–and I mean VERY  important time sensitive letter and I thought that if I just jumped in the mailbox and stayed with the letter –then I could make sure it got delivered correctly! Ta da—brilliant I thought! Jeeeeeez—– you know they just do not make those boxes as big as they ought too—never mind then having to ride in one of those little bags inside those stop and go little Postal Jeeps………………..I mean really—-but how else will I make sure that that VERY VERY important letter gets there?????????

Wait————–whaaaaat???? What is that I am hearing??????????  Just drop the letter in and LET IT GO?????????????

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—now that just might have a very good point. Drop it in, let it go, trust the process, go about my normal everyday life, no need to think about it every friggin minute of the day and wonder if or when it will get there….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that sure has a much more peaceful and empowering feel to it–eh?

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy—thank you for indulging my playfulness! I do think my point has been made—–using a pretty silly story to illustrate the point of the point!

Relaxxxxxxxxxx—and once you set an intention, big or small–LET IT GO—TRUST THE PROCESS AND DIVINE TIMING OF IT ALL—

I’ll leave you with this little one as I go–the last time you went to a restaurant and ordered something yummy off the menu-did you then excuse yourself from the table and barge into the kitchen and make sure they did it right?? I think not–instead you enjoyed AND savored the wait…………………………

Oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…





Yup—when I put Miracle Grow on my……..

Happpppppy Friday!

Soooooo you should see my Hydrangea Bush! I live in the fog belt and it is flourishing. Must have been that Miracle Grow stuff—and then I have an ah ha moment!


Yup—and here’s my ah ha moment— I realize that whatever I’m putting my energy on is just like putting Miracle Grow on what I’m giving my energy to!!!!

Now–not that this is really a new concept for me– HOWEVER–thinking of it in this way really jolted me—I had this quick movie of my recent life float by and I joyfully saw how that Miracle Grow concept had brought to bloom incredible– and I do mean incredible–successes that I had directed energy and focus to— hooray —-wellllllll—- then—- eweeeeeeeeeee- — I was treated to  a wee little view of that ole Miracle Grow concept growing what I was surely not wanting.

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa —let me reign this in! Soooooo–my energy in a particular area I was working on was going to– focused on— the ABSENCE OF what I was working on bringing in!

Now this strategy was not exactly on my to do list!!

I took a deep breath–ok quite a few deep breaths– and shifted–yesssssssss—to what I intended to bring in– the overwhelming yummy good ENERGY I was feeling was immediate. It happens that fast— indeed we are that powerful!


Soooooo off I go equipped with plenty of Miracle Grow—enthusiastically anticipating the blooms of my redirected energy!


P.S. There is a summertime special on Miracle Grow—get some now!! 🙂