Well, well well…..it’s been quite a while since I have written and life sure has been full of lots of wondrous events, including my marriage! HOORAY for love! What a beautiful wedding it was this year on the shores of my beloved Cape Cod….so much to be grateful for.
Yes—–I’m still finishing the edits on my book–about my search for the friggin fairy tale–so stay tuned—I have to say—-it REALLY ROCKS—and I’m jazzed to finish the edits and get it out! 
Anyway–back to my reason for reaching out to you today.
Do any of  these phrases sound familiar to you as you are thinking about getting something done???
**  I will do that tomorrow
**  I will do that as soon as I have SOME time
**  I will do that when things quiet down
** OR I will do that when I feel the urge
** I will do it when I am motivated
** I I’ll do it soon
** I’ll do it when I’m focused
or…………………………… or………………. and I could go on AND on….and the bottom line is it will drag on and on–and you will feel that uncomfortable yucky feeling of procrastinating—and it may never get done—UNTIL–you just take ACTION—ANY friggin action that gets you moving!!
YUP—so my little I’ll do it tomorrow—etc etcccccccc……just went on and on–true there were lots of super big things pulling at me from all areas of life—yet –come on–I was not exactly the poster child for the Nike ad that says —“Just do it”. 
So, one day you wake up –and you just DO IT–you take the action in life that gets your feet moving and voila–here I sit typing to you–
motivated by my lack of motivation. Now-there’s one for you! HAAAA! 
I’ve come to know that there’s a reason and season for everything. It’s all about riding the wave that life brings you. OMG—-that was an awfully long wave…….OK–let me dry off and get back to the business at hand. 
Know this—the one powerful truth is that everyone does the BEST they can in every moment. So, I breathe and know that today was the day I hit the action button and tomorrow is finally here!!
What about you? What is it that you are waiting for , or putting off, or…..????
You can join me and Nike  and …..”Just Do It” !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I gotta tell you —it feels goooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gail 🙂 🙂 
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