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Archive for February, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

Are you ready to leap into results?????

Remember the power lies in the question. My research has showed that there is a slightly different way to phrase a popular NLP question that we as practitioners often ask. YUP—we are always improving too! In making this slight change—-I am finding that a powerful shift occurs.

What is that ONE question????

What is the result I have in mind?”

YES!!! This is called the RESULT STATE OF MIND question.  Use this question— use it all the time and you will notice your whole world changing for the better.

NOW—notice what 3 questions sound verrrrrrrrrrry similar BUT ought NOT to be asked!

1. “What do I want?

Asking “what do I want” can trigger a state that many people find not all that useful. The “wanting it” state. If you prefer–you can start with this question, but move into the RESULT STATE OF MIND question fast or you risk being stuck in wanting for a longggggggggg time. Oh yes—this is the question that I had used for quite some time—-and as I said you can begin with this one—but—ask the results question right afterwards—and notice the shift!

2. “What do I hope to accomplish?

Questions based on accomplishment have some great power in them, because they make getting the result UP TO YOU. However—the biggest problem with this specific question is “hope”. Hope tends to put getting the result outside of you, while accomplishing the goal is up to you. This kind of question may end up diluting your focus. REMEMBER—Hope is NOT a strategy!

3. “Why do I never get things done?”

YIKES!! Ask this specific question, and you never will get anything done, including getting an answer that will FREE YOU. Whoaaaaa—listen, if you are ready to make some changes, one of the most powerful things you can do is ELIMINATE most of your why questions, because they are mostly a big waste of time.


Try this sequence below.  Notice how it focuses and energizes you.

1.  “What is the result you / I have in mind?”

This question will focus you on the SPECIFIC WHAT.

2.  “What are the 3 main benefits of this result?”

This question will help you understand what you realllllllllly do desire, and help you also access the energy needed to get this done.  This specific question may also refine or totally redefine “the result you have in mind”!!!

3.  “What 3 things can I do starting right now on this?

Ok—now come on—-not starting later this week, not starting later today, starting right now.  For example—(1) I jotted down a note, (2) put it by my monitor, and (3) made a commitment to write THIS ARTICLE.

WOOHOO—this article is a direct result of using these questions!

 I want to help YOU get results! You can NOW trade your reasons and confusions for results.

 The way to get that started is to use the question that results —–in—-THE RESULT STATE OF MIND.!!

Have some FUN—-get focused –get results!


Thinking about thinking………………

Hello everyone !!

I was thinking……………….Have you ever noticed your thoughts? Well—of course you have, especially since it is something you do ALL the time——think ….that is.  Anyway—do you somtimes notice that you are thinking a thought that you don’t want to think about?? YUP—we all have! Well—–what do you do? Honestly, most of us just try to NOT think about that thought we were just thinking about that we didn’t want to be thinking about.

WHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW——–are you just a bit confused now? NOT to worry. There is an easy quick fix.

But first, I want to remind you that you simply cannot NOT think about what you don’t want to be thinking about without thinking about it! YIKES! I mean think about that—-now you all know that what we focus on expands—and we get what we are focusing on—so if you are thinking about what you don’t want to think about because you want to not think about it—what are you realllllllllllly thinking about???

OH BOY!! YUP—you are ACTUALLY  thinking about AND focusing on what you do NOT want!

Oh yes—how many times have we all wished for that magic rewind button???

Ta Da!!! There is a way to immediately shift your thinking AND have it be in full rapport with your unconscious mind! Remember — it is your unconscious mind who really runs the show anyway! Now—keeping that in mind, I don’t know about you but I always want to talk to the boss because then I know things will get done!

Are you ready for the quick fix????

Just take a deep breath and say– now—–“Won’t it be nice when I am thinking about what I want… (pause)…to be thinking about.”

Yes–it IS that simple!

You will notice an immediate shift and then the “boss” will get busy thinking about …….what you want!



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