Gail is offering a series of seminars to be presented in your home. It’s fun, informative, and extra simple:

  1. Contact Gail and set a date
  2. Invite a minimum of 8 or more interested friends and guests
  3. Set out a few snacks and beverages, and you are set to experience 2 hours of thrilling insights, revelations, and steps toward a new way of thinking!

Gail has designed a series of in-home seminars based on her public programs:

  • Break Through Your Barriers
  • The Keys to an Achievable Outcome
  • and more.

There are no fees, except your good intentions to invite 8 or more interested guests.

Not only will you and your guests learn from Gail’s Success Coach techniques and information, but they’ll receive Special Home Seminar Discounts and you’ll receive Host Rewards in equal measure.

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