Have you ever just felt down and had a hard time admitting it because you are not quite sure what to do? Have you ever felt like things are just not going that way you intended? How about those times when you seem to be doing everything right and still no results? What if those affirmations you have been saying are starting to irritate you?

If you have ever felt this way, I have a VERY quick and easy way to shift your feelings immediately!

It is a well known fact that all our programming and ultimate directions come from our unconscious mind. These programs run on automatic pilot and that is why we very often cannot get the change we want merely by speaking it or even deciding to. Long lasting and effective change comes when we work  at the level of our beliefs and our identity.  That is a much longer topic for another time! Now back to how you can feel better immediately!

Most of us have learned about affirmations. An affirmation is basically a specific and positive statement that is stated in the now about something we wish to do or have. For example, I am now 10 poundslighter or I am making 10K more a month in sales now or I am with the love of my life now. Now, here’s where the rub can come in. Even though our unconscious mind is like a five year old  and it responds to simple directions it is also a smart little bugger! What that means is that when you say an affirmation similar to the ones I just mentioned your unconscious mind says, hmmm…..no you’re not, or no you don’t…. not now anyway!

Yikes, that  means that it basically cancels itself out! Well then what do you do? You simply speak the truth and in doing so you get a full on positive response from your unconscious mind and you feel better instantly!

What is the truth you ask? It is simple! Let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds. Instead of saying I am 10 pounds lighter you simply say: won’t it be nice when I am 10 pounds lighter! If you are feeling a bit low and lonely and not exactly sure why, you can just say: won’t it be nice when I feel balanced and happy again. This simple phrase of “won’t it be nice”  or “wouldn’t it be nice” is very powerful and has an immediate positive effect on how we feel. Not to mention that our unconscious mind totally buys it!

My advise to you is to play with it! Have fun and try it out on all sorts of things!  

Won’t it be nice when you can be, do and have what you desire?!!