"I am delightfully amazed that one session with Gail resulted in total accomplishment of two goals that I had been trying to reach for over a year, Finally, with Gail’s coaching, it became a reality." - Linda C., Livermore

"Having Gail as a Coach really helped me get clear about what exactly it was I wanted to create and make a plan that worked for me because I created it! I’m happy to report I’ve let go of 40 pounds and thank Gail immensely for helping me get super clear which created SUPER results! Thank you, Gail!!!" - Debi F., Half Moon Bay

"I have struggled in my lifetime with many things especially self control and assessment of my feelings. After working with Gail I am able to shift my thinking and change my thoughts, which has enriched my day to day life and helped with my goals. The ease in which Gail communicates the skills needed is indeed a gift." - Valerie, Southeastern Missouri

"Working with Gail has enabled me to overcome negative emotions that have stifled me for years! I would not believe it was possible if I was not experiencing it myself! I feel confident now and am enjoying the life I am creating! I would highly recommend Gail and her Success Coaching to anyone! She has enriched my life far beyond my expectations!" - Julia, Sales - SF Bay Area

"I was scheduled for surgery and I was very afraid.

I had several surgeries, including open heart, in the past, and did not worry as much as I did for this ‘dental’ procedure.

Yes, it was a serious surgery, but it did not warrant the fear I was experiencing.

In just one extraordinary session, Gail helped me overcome this fear, and to even use the recovery period as an opportunity to improve my diet and lose weight.

During the two months of recovery so far, I’ve lost over 30 pounds and am experiencing the full benefits of the surgery I underwent." - Brian, Producer/Director/Actor, SF Bay Area

"As a participant of the Jack Canfield Personal Coaching Program, and as a manager of my own business, I have some experience in the field of coaching and personal development.

Doing a breakthrough session with Gail has been one of the most challenging, exciting, and inspiring things, I’ve ever done!

Gail is exceptionally good at thinking outside the box while encouraging you to step outside your own boundaries and supporting you through the transition. This experience has been life transforming!

Thanks Gail!!" - Vibecke Merethe Garnaas Moss, Norway - Business Owner

"When life gave me a crushing blow, Gail was the first person I called for support and direction. Though I am a highly educated and successful woman, it was a very rough time for me. Gail assisted me with refocusing and moving towards positive resolutions that have led to a fabulous new change in my career." - Linda, Healthcare Administrator, Southern California

"Working with Gail has enabled me to increase my sales beyond my wildest dreams, even in tough economic times. Gail assists me to continue to remove any limiting beliefs and decisions so that I can continue to reach new pinnacles in my life and career." - Lisa Eccleston, REALTOR SF Bay Area

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