Lets rock and roll on the radio and talk about one of my favorite topics ————– LOVE!!
Do you want a relationship???
DO you love YOU???
Do you want to start dating??
Do you want to date more??
Do you want to know how to even begin to date if you  have been out of practice for a while???
Do you want to know if you ought to keep dating the person you currently are ??
Do you want to know whether to stay or go??
Do you know that what you value and what you believe about what you value 100% drives the results in your life??????????????????
Would you like to easily discover what your values are in this specific area of your life???
Maybe you want a relationship— but just can’t seem to get one?? Hmmmm—for instance—could it be that because you so highly value your ‘ME” time that it actually prevents that sizzling relationship from coming in?? (hint—you do NOT have to give up “me” time)!
Or—maybe you can’t understand why you are not able to break a certain dating habit even though you realllllllllly want to?? Could it possibly be that your desire to date more is not quite high enough on what we call your hierarchy of values?????
Uncover the mystery of what drives you!!
Tune in and find out HOW you can discover what is really  ( I mean reallly) driving you and how you can get that alignment and match your desires to your values!
Get your pen and paper ready and plan to tune in and listen !!
YES! Get ready for a great show TOMORROW  FRIDAY September 16th @ 9AM PST
JOIN ME for an hour of fun AND juicy information and great tips on the “HOW”!!
TOMORROW— Friday September 16th  from 9-10 AM (PST) I will be hosting my own hour on Seeing Beyond! www.seeingbeyond.com
The show will be broadcast live on KEST 1450 AM in San Francisco OR you can now listen to it streaming live online at www.kestradio.com
IF you are unable to listen live you can listen any time later to the archived program at www.seeingbeyond.com or directly on my website @ www.heartofyoursuccess.com
 I will be open to taking your calls and questions!
Get your questions ready and call in at   415-543-8255 !!

I’ll “see” you on the radio!