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Hello again!

OH yessssss—-we all have those times when you need a little (or a lot of)  help to bounce back!!

Maybe it seems as if everything is friggin happening at once–and it’s not exactly the happy stuff either–OR maybe you are just having a bit of a rough patch—OR maybe you are just a wee bit dejected about something that didn’t go the way you wanted.

WHATEVER it is—-be it in the area of family, career, financial, love or a little bit of everything—this declaration statement can make the difference and bring the pep back in your step, your heart and your life!

When we have these times in our life—it is so easy to just slip into a sort of lackluster, sort of defeated, sort of miserable state. If it’s really big life stuff–then it can be totally overwhelming and you may even wonder how you are going to survive this, never mind come out on the positive end!

I have an answer –and a sure fire way to feel an immediate shift in your energy.

Remember—– you attract what you are —and if what you are feeling is overwhelmed and defeated and just sort of miserable……then………………………………………….

Uh oh.

I think I need not finish that sentence–because it is pretty clear what you will attract into your life–and there is NO WAY that will help you feel better in the way that you want to!

Here is your answer–and your declaration that will kick start your bounce back!

Remember you can tailor it to fit your situation be it a big or small life event.

Just say it out loud—or write it down and recite it as many times as you want—loud and clear!

Here you go—-

“I have NO idea why this stuff is happening!!!!  BUT—-I DO KNOW THIS — Something big and amazing is coming. Bigger and better than I can even imagine. I just know it. I am not going through ALL this for NOTHING. I know that something great is right around the corner. I am absolutely sure I am not going through all this for nothing! “

Once you say this—you WILL  notice an immediate shift and the message that sends out to the Universe is pretty darn clear and powerful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boingggg!!  Boingggggg!!





Pretty darn good friggin question –huh???

Now I know I am dating myself just a bit with the Robert Redford one—but I still think he is VERY hot—and Kevin Costner with all that boyish charm—-YIKES——Okeedokie—I will come back to earth and to the point at hand—-

We all have heard it said so many times that ‘Thoughts become things’.

Is it really true? Do all our dominant thoughts actually really materialize? Wellllllll of course not, or all of us would be living our fantasies and giving up the day job, to live on a vineyard in Italy—or on our yacht, or with Robert Redford—or the hot young flavor of the month.

The whole ‘thoughts become things’…thing… has been repeated so often that it’s sort of a cliché now. But what does it really mean and, more importantly, is it true?

Well, many people will tell you that it translates very literally. Every thought you ever had, are currently having or ever will have is alive and well  somewhere in the Universe just waiting to interact with something else, take solid form and manifest into our lives as a physical thing.


Well, honestly –given that no one can either prove or disprove it by any means that scientists agree on being accurate, it’s a bit of a moot point. That said, we do know from physics that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. That is a scientifically proven point!

Hmmm—so from this one perspective alone then a thought IS already a thing…..

But—- can that thought energy be manipulated and used to bring what’s in your mind to life?

HOLY MOLY—-That is the real question– isn’t it?

Well, you only need to look around you for your answer!

Every single piece of clothing you’re wearing right now, every piece of jewelry, the house you’re standing in, the car in your driveway, all of it, every last thing started out as a thought in someone’s head yet now as you glance around you it’s a real thing in real life.

These thoughts have already become things, right?

But the thoughts become things crowd aren’t really using the statement in this way are they? They’re saying that any thought held for long enough in your mind must, by law, become that thing in reality.

“Think enough about earning a million dollars and it’s yours”.

That’s what we tend to hear…

It is true???—— trust me—there is more to it than this.

If it were as simple as we’ve been told—- then 16 year old boys would be the happiest people on earth.

You’re gonna love this—

Ok—Just ask your average hot-blooded 16 year old boy what they’re thinking about and if they’re honest enough to answer they’ll tell you that they’re thinking of— girls, girls, girls.

Doesn’t matter where they are, what they’re doing or who they’re with, they’ve got girls on their mind in some way, shape or form. Anybody who’s been around 16 year old boys—knows that to be true!

Now—using the law of –“thoughts becoming things” — the likelihood of this young boy achieving his goal of manifesting at least one girl into his room is pretty high.

After all, he’s thinking about them all the time, he’s certainly desirous of having his girl–ooops— I mean goal—- come to life and his thoughts are so consistent and intense that he should practically be able to materialize a girl in front of him right now….just like a genie!

Yet that doesn’t quite happen does it?

Not for this teenage boy, not for the house you want or the car, the relationship  or the money either.

Here’s why.

Thoughts DON’T become things.

Thoughts CAN become things.

Are you just a bit confused?

Don’t be– it’s pretty simple to understand.

It means this; just because you think about a thing, it doesn’t mean it will appear in your life. You think thousands of thoughts a day yet you don’t see them all magically appear around you– do you? In fact, most of the things you think about don’t show up in your life at all.

But—- they could.

Ok—here we go—are you ready for the answer????

If you had the EMOTION and then took the ACTION required to turn a thought into a thing you could take any thought and bring it to life.

The best way to understand what I’m talking about is this.

Just because you bought all the ingredients for a chocolate cake, doesn’t mean you’ll be eating cake for dessert tonight does it?

There are things you have to do to take the yummy pile of ingredients on your kitchen counter to turn them into a scrumptious dessert or they’ll simply remain ingredients won’t they?

You have to weigh, measure, mix and cook them in just a certain way before they make the transformation from ingredients to the end result of your intention—- a deeeeelicious chocolate cake don’t you?

It doesn’t matter how much you think of the cake, how positive you are, how good you feel or anything else you may have read about bending the Universe to your will, the truth is, if you want to be eating cake after dinner tonight, you have to DO something to those ingredients.

Thinking alone just won’t cut it.

So back to — turning your thoughts into things.

The great news is that it’s a pretty friggin simple process to make the transformation .

It looks like this:

Thoughts ==>Feelings ==> Emotions ==> Actions ==> Results (Things)

Let me explain it a little more. This is six-year old simple—and I like simple.

Thoughts when held long enough create feelings of some kind.

Feelings held long enough become emotions.

Emotions when intensified enough drive us to take certain actions.

Actions create reactions or, what we would call results or ‘things’.


Nothing too mind-shattering there. Hardly rocket science is it?

Yet —do NOT let the simplicity of this success ‘recipe’ fool you.

It is the most powerful thing you’ll ever learn in your lifetime. It’ll bring you anything you want!

Here’s how.

1. Think about the thing you desire –and BE SPECIFIC.  Remind yourself about how serious you are about having it come to life by writing it down on a card or piece of paper, carrying that card with you everywhere you go.

2. Strengthen those thoughts by paying attention to how you feel about the goals. Make yourself positive, optimistic and truly excited by getting it. If you do not feel good about the goal—then it is the wrong goal!! This is a major point to pay attention to!

*** Remind yourself as often as possible that it’s not a matter of IF you will achieve your goal or not, but WHEN.

3. Strengthen your feeling about the goal by becoming truly passionate about having it come true in your life. Add as much emotion to the thoughts as you possibly can by listening to uplifting music, dancing, laughing and engaging in other positive experiences while thinking about it. Take NO MORE than 5 minutes a day—to visualize your goal—and see yourself IN the picture—and then ADD the feelings…lots of feelings…..and remember it needs to feel really really good—I mean luscious, yummy good—the kind of feelings that automatically bring a smile to your face.

4. Use the feelings and passion for your specific goal to motivate you into taking at least one small action toward it every day without fail. Come on now—one small action—towards that which you so deeply desire—is way not too much to ask!

It doesn’t get any simpler than that, does it?

Now here’ s the thing— you could just jump straight into the final step of taking action, like a lot of people do, but you really gotta —I mean really gotta—have the emotion and feeling to fuel you to keep moving forward…….consistently.

So—how about some chocolate cake tonight?????

Oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.






Hello and Happy Friday!

All day long—–you are seduced—–yes—-all —-and I do mean all—-day long——

YIKES—into what —you ask???

I mean really——-I don’t know about you—but if I ‘m being seduced—-I’d  seriously like to know exactly what I am allowing myself to be seduced into!

You have one massive seduction mechanism.

The power of your thoughts—-the suggestions you are giving to your self—-all day long—- seemingly—-so  innocently seduce you into believing them. The thing is—YOU fully allow it to happen—over and over and over.

Now that is one seduction I want to be in charge of!! NO question about that.

Richard Bach says:

“Argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours!’

How often do YOU do that? How often do you speak about your limitations?? How often do you convince yourself—and rationalize  that you are not actually really arguing for your limitations—but rather just stating what is??


How often are you literally seducing yourself into believing them????

Do you find yourself saying “seemingly” innocuous things such as… I never have, I can’t, I never do, now is not the right time and maybe it will never be the right time, I haven’t done that before, it will be hard, I’m too old, I’m too young, there’s no time for me, I’m not smart enough,  my kids are too young  or too old, I’m always tired at the end of the week/day, this always happens to me, the economy is holding me back,  maybe I’m meant to be alone, finding a good guy/girl is soooooo hard, bad things keep happening to me, it’s just part of getting old or of being young, I never have enough money, I always attract, that is too expensive, I can’t go on vacation now, I’m just not good at……..etc…etc………..Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

Here’s the thing—you can always find people that will agree with you and maybe even form support groups around it…BUT is that what you really really really want?

Do you really want to be in that place of “arguing for your limitations’??????

Open the door today….. invite your limitations to take a friggin flying leap out the door..and ask yourself…

What if that weren’t true?

Be in charge of your own seduction….Mmmmm……isn’t just the very thought of that freeing????

Now— that —IS  something to think about.

Gail 🙂

The energy of energy…………..

Hello and happy weekend to you!

EVERYTHING has energy. EVERYTHING is energy.

Think about it. Ice is just water with a certain energy applied to it. Daylight comes as the energy of the sun warms our earth. A guitar being played brings a vibrational sound and energy to those who are around it. A new baby makes everyone feel so good. I could go on and on—I think you get the picture.

You are part of the everything of everything. You have an energy signature that you literally leave everywhere you go. Now– I don’t know about you—but I’m pretty thoughtful about what I put my actual written signature to, because of the meaning and power it has.

Are you equally as careful about your own energy signature????? Do you just randomly deposit positive and clean energy wherever you go? Or do you often sort of leak out a not so positive energy signature, leaving those you just came in contact with feeling like they need to shake off the not so good feelings you just deposited with them???? Whewwwww!

That—is a powerful thought to ponder.

Come on—we all know how friggin good it feels being around some people. I mean there are those people –that for me– just even hearing their voice alone makes me feel good. Yup. Sign me up for more of their energy signatures!

And–then—- there are the people—come on —you know who I am talking about. The ones that sort of envelope you with the drama or dread of the day. Maybe it’s just that sort of mild river of grey misery conversation or just that sort of yucky, sticky  feeling you get when they call or are around you. The thing is—I humbly admit I have been there—leaving my not so sweet or positive energy signature  lying around. Ohhh yuck.

BUT hold on—-

Here is the GOOD news. Just like you can melt an ice cube by applying energy—or mash a potato into some yummy creamy mashed potatoes–you can change YOUR energy signature—just like that. There is only one person that can do it. It is you. For years I was a believer in the old story—if “they” would change– then my energy will feel better. Blahhh blahh blahhh. THEY will never change. Sure–maybe it is time to exit stage right, so to speak—and move on—however—-it is ALL—I mean ALL –up to you.

Let me say a word about emotion here. I know as human beings that our emotions play a HUGE part in our energy signature from day to day or sometimes from minute to minute.

Pay attention here—this is so cool to understand. Emotion is actually energy in motion. WHOAAAA!!! Yessiree–it is actually meant to MOVE. It wants to move. It does not want to stick around. The thing is–that we so often invite it to stick around. Better yet—we stuff it –cause it doesn’t feel good! UGH! by doing that –we actually clog up our whole energetic system.

Hellllllo—can we have an energy plumber here??!!

Here’s what to do—feel it. Yes–the all of it. Breathe through it…..then breathe again. Feel it–but do NOT become it. I have used the balloon analogy before. It’s an easy one. Imagine that the current emotion is like a balloon with a string on it—just see it passing by–and floating awaaaaaaaaay—do NOT tie the friggin string around your finger!!! Quit it!

Let the emotion move—-as it is designed to—then voila— you now have an oh so lovely energy signature begging to leave its initials all over the place!

WOWWWWEEE—-look at all those balloons floating away!!





What’s in your mind?????



Love this great little power packing thought…..


What you find in your mind is what YOU put there.

Put GOOOOOOOOD things in there.


Inventory your powerful mind and decide what YOU want in there and then choose thought—fully!


Here’s to an AWESOME APRIL!!


Have a GREAT day!