Hello and Happy Friday!

All day long—–you are seduced—–yes—-all —-and I do mean all—-day long——

YIKES—into what —you ask???

I mean really——-I don’t know about you—but if I ‘m being seduced—-I’d  seriously like to know exactly what I am allowing myself to be seduced into!

You have one massive seduction mechanism.

The power of your thoughts—-the suggestions you are giving to your self—-all day long—- seemingly—-so  innocently seduce you into believing them. The thing is—YOU fully allow it to happen—over and over and over.

Now that is one seduction I want to be in charge of!! NO question about that.

Richard Bach says:

“Argue for your limitations and sure enough they’re yours!’

How often do YOU do that? How often do you speak about your limitations?? How often do you convince yourself—and rationalize  that you are not actually really arguing for your limitations—but rather just stating what is??


How often are you literally seducing yourself into believing them????

Do you find yourself saying “seemingly” innocuous things such as… I never have, I can’t, I never do, now is not the right time and maybe it will never be the right time, I haven’t done that before, it will be hard, I’m too old, I’m too young, there’s no time for me, I’m not smart enough,  my kids are too young  or too old, I’m always tired at the end of the week/day, this always happens to me, the economy is holding me back,  maybe I’m meant to be alone, finding a good guy/girl is soooooo hard, bad things keep happening to me, it’s just part of getting old or of being young, I never have enough money, I always attract, that is too expensive, I can’t go on vacation now, I’m just not good at……..etc…etc………..Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

Here’s the thing—you can always find people that will agree with you and maybe even form support groups around it…BUT is that what you really really really want?

Do you really want to be in that place of “arguing for your limitations’??????

Open the door today….. invite your limitations to take a friggin flying leap out the door..and ask yourself…

What if that weren’t true?

Be in charge of your own seduction….Mmmmm……isn’t just the very thought of that freeing????

Now— that —IS  something to think about.

Gail 🙂

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