Hello and happy weekend to you!

EVERYTHING has energy. EVERYTHING is energy.

Think about it. Ice is just water with a certain energy applied to it. Daylight comes as the energy of the sun warms our earth. A guitar being played brings a vibrational sound and energy to those who are around it. A new baby makes everyone feel so good. I could go on and on—I think you get the picture.

You are part of the everything of everything. You have an energy signature that you literally leave everywhere you go. Now– I don’t know about you—but I’m pretty thoughtful about what I put my actual written signature to, because of the meaning and power it has.

Are you equally as careful about your own energy signature????? Do you just randomly deposit positive and clean energy wherever you go? Or do you often sort of leak out a not so positive energy signature, leaving those you just came in contact with feeling like they need to shake off the not so good feelings you just deposited with them???? Whewwwww!

That—is a powerful thought to ponder.

Come on—we all know how friggin good it feels being around some people. I mean there are those people –that for me– just even hearing their voice alone makes me feel good. Yup. Sign me up for more of their energy signatures!

And–then—- there are the people—come on —you know who I am talking about. The ones that sort of envelope you with the drama or dread of the day. Maybe it’s just that sort of mild river of grey misery conversation or just that sort of yucky, sticky  feeling you get when they call or are around you. The thing is—I humbly admit I have been there—leaving my not so sweet or positive energy signature  lying around. Ohhh yuck.

BUT hold on—-

Here is the GOOD news. Just like you can melt an ice cube by applying energy—or mash a potato into some yummy creamy mashed potatoes–you can change YOUR energy signature—just like that. There is only one person that can do it. It is you. For years I was a believer in the old story—if “they” would change– then my energy will feel better. Blahhh blahh blahhh. THEY will never change. Sure–maybe it is time to exit stage right, so to speak—and move on—however—-it is ALL—I mean ALL –up to you.

Let me say a word about emotion here. I know as human beings that our emotions play a HUGE part in our energy signature from day to day or sometimes from minute to minute.

Pay attention here—this is so cool to understand. Emotion is actually energy in motion. WHOAAAA!!! Yessiree–it is actually meant to MOVE. It wants to move. It does not want to stick around. The thing is–that we so often invite it to stick around. Better yet—we stuff it –cause it doesn’t feel good! UGH! by doing that –we actually clog up our whole energetic system.

Hellllllo—can we have an energy plumber here??!!

Here’s what to do—feel it. Yes–the all of it. Breathe through it…..then breathe again. Feel it–but do NOT become it. I have used the balloon analogy before. It’s an easy one. Imagine that the current emotion is like a balloon with a string on it—just see it passing by–and floating awaaaaaaaaay—do NOT tie the friggin string around your finger!!! Quit it!

Let the emotion move—-as it is designed to—then voila— you now have an oh so lovely energy signature begging to leave its initials all over the place!

WOWWWWEEE—-look at all those balloons floating away!!





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