Happpppppy Friday!

Soooooo you should see my Hydrangea Bush! I live in the fog belt and it is flourishing. Must have been that Miracle Grow stuff—and then I have an ah ha moment!


Yup—and here’s my ah ha moment— I realize that whatever I’m putting my energy on is just like putting Miracle Grow on what I’m giving my energy to!!!!

Now–not that this is really a new concept for me– HOWEVER–thinking of it in this way really jolted me—I had this quick movie of my recent life float by and I joyfully saw how that Miracle Grow concept had brought to bloom incredible– and I do mean incredible–successes that I had directed energy and focus to— hooray —-wellllllll—- then—- eweeeeeeeeeee- — I was treated to  a wee little view of that ole Miracle Grow concept growing what I was surely not wanting.

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa —let me reign this in! Soooooo–my energy in a particular area I was working on was going to– focused on— the ABSENCE OF what I was working on bringing in!

Now this strategy was not exactly on my to do list!!

I took a deep breath–ok quite a few deep breaths– and shifted–yesssssssss—to what I intended to bring in– the overwhelming yummy good ENERGY I was feeling was immediate. It happens that fast— indeed we are that powerful!


Soooooo off I go equipped with plenty of Miracle Grow—enthusiastically anticipating the blooms of my redirected energy!


P.S. There is a summertime special on Miracle Grow—get some now!! 🙂



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