Happy October–my most favorite time of the year! Growing up back east—I get all excited when the leaves turn–my kid like spirit jumps for joy!

Speaking of jumping for joy—-my life is absolutely rocking right now—my oldest daughter is getting married in one week–and love is in the air—HOORAY—I just feel it pulsating everywhere! OHH YUMMMM!

Now—back to the question of the question—the question IS the answer.

YUP—It is always the answer—the best way to live your life is in “living in the question”.

That is exactly why  my life rocks—I am constantly living in the questions.

For example:


How can it get any better than this?

What would it take for…..me to….??? ( hey listen—- that one got me a free trip to Tahoe, Italy, the car of my dreams–AND the home of my dreams–oh yes–and I released that big bunch of  weight had battled with for years–and on and on I could go!)

What ELSE can I do? (notice the difference between that question and just the one that says –what can I do?–big difference there!)

What would it take for the greatness of me to show up today?

What grand and glorious adventure is in store for me today?


Now–those are just a few questions for you to have fun with!

PLEASE—Live in the question—do not search for answers–and then listen, follow your guidance, TAKE the action your are guided to take— be patient—-and trust the process and watch what happens!

HapPpPpy questioning to you!

Gail 🙂




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