How many times do you hear yourself saying I wish I had more time or I just don’t have enough time  to do what I want to do? You know we ALL have an equal number of hours in a day! YES-we all have 24 hours!! I once heard someone say – if you want to find out what is important to someone –look at their calendar and checkbook! WOW! That really resonated with me AND pulled my covers! YIKES!

Remember, in life we either have results or reasons and excuses! I used to have lots of excuses and interestingly enough I got NO results —well, actually I did get results –JUST not the ones that I said I wanted!  IF you keep doing what you have done then you will keep getting what you got! Is that what you really want?

Think about this….we only have as much time as there is AND we have all the time that there is!

Have you ever heard it said that if you want something done -give it to a busy and successful person?

Yes—success demands focus and that demands time….we must learn to laser our focus!

Today is the tomorrow of yesterday! Ask yourself  today ———what has waiting cost you already?????????

Well that’s it for now, I must go, today is waiting , but I am not!


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