What if I told you that there was this cool part of your brain that acts like a heat seeking missile and programs  your  mind to work on your goal whether you realize it or not???

Yes—it is real–and you can very simply and powerfully activate that beautiful part of your brain to go on autopilot and get you what you really really–I mean  REALLLLLY want—- now!

This glorious part of your brain is called the Reticular Activating System. It is very, very ‘real’. I mean—imagine if you could decide on what you wanted and automatically ‘something’ went to work to make sure that you got just that! WOWEEE!!!

Imagine if you didn’t have to consciously look for opportunities, if you didn’t have to think about ‘how’ you were going to do the things you wanted to do, imagine if the opportunities themselves presented themselves to you all by themselves ‘as if by magic’.

Ooooooohhh—Yummy magic—I bet you are thinking right now—–Hey–I’d like some of that magic!

Quick—what do I do?????? Gimme my magic….

First let me say now that this is not science fiction, its science fact. You DO possess the ability to set your unconscious mind on auto pilot to assist you in getting those goals you so deeply desire.

So –what the heck is your RAS (Reticular Activating System)?

Let’s imagine you are at a party and there is a lot of people talking, music playing and general party noise.  You are talking to your friend and the two of you can hear each other just fine. Now … you can hear all of the talking and noise going on around you. The 30 or so people all talking at the same time- however– make for a ‘crowd chatter’ none of which you are paying any particular attention to, or are you? If the music and talking just stopped instantly, would you be able to repeat what everyone in the room had just said? Probably not.  Does that mean you didn’t hear it? Absolutely not!

Now imagine that you are back at the party and the hustle and bustle is going on, you are back chatting to your friend and amongst the 30 or so people talking, someone says YOUR name.  Now.. you heard THAT didn’t you !? …… your ears perk up, you turn your head and you look straight over to where the sound came from, often directly into the eyes of the person who said it. Now how does THAT work !?

Well, your oh so cool RAS is like a filter between your unconscious and your conscious mind. It is a pleasure seeking, and recognition system that works in the background, in your Unconscious mind to identify, recognize, and bring into our conscious awareness anything that is important to us.  Guess what else it looks for? It looks for affirmations, evidence to back up our beliefs and brings them into our awareness as it finds them. That my dear friends— is why goal setting is so important, or rather why EFFECTIVE  CLEAR goal setting is so important!!  It is also why it is so friggin important that we use only empowering language when we communicate with ourselves.

I am really trying to make a critically helpful point here—so listen up. J  Have you ever noticed how if you say you can’t do something you are always right? Conversely—if you say you can do something—you can! Henry Ford said ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.

REMEMBER—Your unconscious mind only deals in positives, so it takes the words ‘I can’t’ as instruction to DO the process of can’t, and then your RAS looks for evidence to back up your belief! WHOAAAA!

The same thing is true if you state things in the positive, if you say ‘I can’ then INSTANTLY your RAS sets about looking for evidence to back that up, brings it into your awareness and re-enforces the belief that you ‘CAN’. Can I hear an AMEN HERE??!

Your RAS looks everywhere to find the evidence or pleasurable item it is seeking, including what you have going on internally! Ever heard the phrase ‘Fake it till you make it’??  I prefer to say we create the vision in our mind of how we DO want it—step into it—and then add the magic element of feeling and VOILA–your RAS gets real busy to make it happen!

You see once you have given the suggestion or vision  to your unconscious mind your RAS will go to work to seek pleasure and closure and to ‘prove’ your suggestion to be correct!!

What is your RAS seeking to prove correct for you right now????

Cheers to you!


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