Happy 4th of July!

How about answering that ding dong and opening that door to your freedom???

Hmmm—but how you may ask?? Simple–just answer it with the “F” word!!

Whaaaaaaaaaat you say?? Yup—the ‘F” word is the one thing that will free you COMPLETELY.

I don’t know about you–but I’m all over that one. Anything that will free me up to be lighter, happier and more centered has my attention!

Now that I have your attention 🙂 –allow me to elaborate.

OK—Imagine that life is a river–now keep in mind that EVERYTHING you want in life is downstream—it makes sense then to want to go with the flow. Nothing you want is upstream- you just gotta trust me on that. Now–sometimes it seems as if we sort of stall or seem to get stuck. You want to go with the flow—but your friggin proverbial boat just doesn’t seem to be cooperating. You really want to free yourself up and head on downstream with your dreams, passions and goals.

Hmmmm–you wonder. Maybe there might be a little river cleanup that has to occur so you can freely float downstream. I mean after all–you know what going with the flow feels like.  Yup—you really do flow, things happen,. you feel happy and it just feels plain old good. When that is not occurring–it’s just time for some cleanup!

Here is where the “F” word comes in. Sometimes our river gets blocked with some not so pretty stuff. Sometimes we just don’t know how to unblock it.

Ta da! Let’s bring in that “F” word now and clean this out and let freedom in.

FORGIVENESS. Yup–the “F” word. Powerful and potent. A game changer for sure.

Forgiveness frees you from the ties that bind you –and I mean it–they really do bind you.

It doesn’t matter whether you were right, they were right, you were wronged, you were hurt really badly, whether promises were broken or not kept, whether you felt unfairly treated —I mean the list could go on forever.

You really have to forgive everyone, whether they are here now in your life, whether they were once a part of your life, whether they have passed on, whether they know you were or are hurt or not.

You really have to forgive them all. …TO FREE YOU. It doesn’t mean you have to like what happened–it doesn’t mean you have to agree with what happens –it just means that in order to FREE YOU–you have to forgive and let it go!  They do not even need to know you forgive them. It is NOT for them–it is for you.

You release you from the ties that bind.

I must add that one of the most important people to forgive is YOU, the current you, the you of yesterday or maybe the you from a long time ago with all those regrets. PUT YOURSELF ON THE LIST.

It is not difficult. I use the process I have on my Forgiveness CD all the time. I regularly clear my stuff out–cause I want to go with my flow!

This Forgiveness CD can be purchased on my website under products—and is a life saver.

There is a lot of good stuff out there on how to forgive. Find what resonates with you and do it.

You can also do a simple little process:

Make a list–either on paper or in your mind–and as each person, including “you” comes to mind—simply say:

I bless you, I forgive you and I release you….you may need to repeat once or twice more.

Keep breathing through this—and see the person just floating off to their highest good -as the ties that bound you to them are released. Feel the rush of freedom and lightness as you do this.

REMEMBER–it is YOU that you are freeing. Literally—in any given moment we all are doing the best we can in that moment-and then when we know better we have an opportunity to do better.

What do you say that you practice the “F” word and let your freedom ring!




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