Greetings from Cape Cod……..

Indeed these last 2 plus weeks have been filled with a roller coaster of pretty much the A-Z of experiences and emotions! Here’s the thing — I have been present for each sweet divinely architected pre-sent moment. Yup– and I feel pretty friggin grateful for it all.

It is the ALL of it all. The present– the moment. I AM living it.

My 83 year old Dad, former Fire Chief, self made man who could fix anything and make it all happen, husband of almost 60 years has Alzheimer’s Disease. My 82 year old, very youthful Mom is now his full time caretaker. I am blessed to be able to come periodically and provide respite for my Mom and care for my Dad.

Tonite I sat outside my childhood vacation home listening to the songs of the summertime crickets while the hot humid nighttime air surrounded me and I took a deep breath and was overwhelmed with appreciation for the moment and the thousands of moments over these past 2 weeks.

My Dad thankfully has a cheerful and almost childlike way about him and every time he asks me how long I will be here for- I say — 2 weeks Dad and he gleefully replies — oh boy we’ll have some fun!!

Soooooooo- the weather here on the Cape has not exactly been great for the past week – nonetheless I have kept the beach chairs in the back of the car– filling that glass with the sunshine of optimism! Ta da- today it happened. We seized the moment and the 3 of us went to the beach. The sun shined its warmth on my family. I took my Dad by the hand and lead him to the water -as I splashed him- he wiped the drips off the shorts that he tried to put on over his head this morning– and we laughed, surrounded by children doing the same.

I was fully present and he was fully present. That is a gift.

These are the moments that I cherish and knowing that we never get that rewind in life– I can say I showed up.

I ask you all to take a moment and show up fully for the moment– create a moment for memories and then go ahead and call someone up and tell them you love them!

Oh — and while you are at it — be silly and splash someone today– even in the tough times — we just need to lighten up! 🙂

Latah (Boston for later) !!!


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