Over the past two weeks I have had several conversations about the magic of the magic 12 words. Jeeeeeeeeeez–I was even having a magical moment just talking about it and the impact it is making!! 🙂

Several people said—OH WOW Gail—when I remembered to use my magic 12 words—I instantly felt a shift and wouldn’t you know it–the situation I was struggling with shifted too!! HOORAY!

Remember, our perception creates our reality. The words we feed our unconscious mind is EXACTLY what the unconscious mind sets out to do. Our unconscious mind runs the show for us—it is just that plain and simple. Keeping that in mind, you gotta make sure that what you are instructing it to do is what you want!

That is why the magic 12 words are so perfect. It gives clear and simple instructions to your unconscious mind.

If any of you have ever found yourself saying things like–ohhh geeeeee–I am so0000 confused, I just don’t know what to do–QUIT IT!

Replace it with the 12 words!

Hey—believe me I understand—I have to give myself a little chat about that sometimes too!

Always—-always—these magic 12 words work….ALWAYS.

Print this out and tape it to your mirror–do whatever it takes to remember to remember to use these magic 12 words!


There you go!

Go ahead and have fun — use your magic wand of words! 🙂



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