My super duper friggin state of the art remote control just does not have a switch that would enable me to control my life with it!!!!!!!!!

Okayyyyyy——-goofy idea—–but—-wouldn’t it be cool if we had a remote control for our life??? Imagine the possibilities, fast forward through the yucky times, freeze frame and pause on the luscious ones,  rewind to redo the not so smart times and then totally be able to change the channel??

Roll with me here—because I have a point. 🙂

Let’s just pull one of those scenarios out and take a look at it.

For example—have you ever wished that you could just rewind the tape, so to speak, and undo or redo what you just said?????

If you are like me or countless other people, the answer would be a big old YES!

Since technology has not afforded us with a remote for our life—allow me to give you a powerful insight that can make a HUGE difference in your life—going forward.

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and we were talking about a situation she was going through and she humbly admitted that she really could have handled it better and not reacted the way she did. She felt really bad about the things she said. Sound familiar???

Anyway—she said –geeeeee— if only I had stopped and taken a minute before I spoke. We wetnton to talk more and I shared with her one of my favorite little quips—“There is power in the pause.” 

You bethcha there is—-there is phenomenal power in the ability to PAUSE–before you react and say the stuff that you may wish you could hit that rewind button on later.

I also reminded my friend that when we know better we do better!

She was funny–she actually started muttering —there is power in the pause, power in the pause–she giggled and said that’s an easy one to remember!

One of my ALL time favorite pieces of wisdom I received was this:

“People may not always remember what you said but they will always remember how it made them feel.”

I’m telling you—these wise words that were bestowed on me made an everlasting impact on me–and since my remote still does not work on my life–these words coupled with the power of the pause —make it pretty darn OK that I do not have a rewind button for my life !

So—I shall pause here and bid you a big woooohoo for a great day!




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