Well–OK–maybe you don’t even have a toaster 🙂 —HOWEVER—all appliances must be plugged in to work–right? Let’s think about that one for a moment. Even the shiniest, latest model, top of the line, built to last, energy efficient model of anything will simply NOT work–unless it is plugged in.

By now you are saying—OK Gail –duh—I get that –of course THAT makes perfect sense.

Sooooo—-what if you applied that simple common sense thinking to you— yup—that whole plug in thing.

Hmmmm—how often do you run and run and run—-and feel sort of off—not quite right, off balance, disconnected, off kilter, uneasy, anxious, overwhelmed, or the ever popular one of being stressed out?????

Now come on—if a machine needs to be plugged in to work–and get it’s juice–so to speak—don’t ya think that you do to???

YES—-YES—-YES!! Honestly this can be viewed in lots of different ways—in terms of what you are actually plugging in to and how to do it.

Some call it the Universe, the Energy, God, Higher Power, Spirit, or some simply might feel that plugging in–is just about recharging your batteries.

Here’s the deal—whatever you call it or view it as—JUST FRIGGIN DO IT!

The moment you do—you WILL feel the palpable difference. Trust me.

Its a funny thing that we tend to go and go and gooooooooooo—-sometimes and very often using up all our reserves and then some! We can tend to put off the plugging in part—till later. I’ll do it soon, we say, or as soon as I have more time—then I will—and on and on we go–wondering why we just don’t feel right, and things seem a little haywire, or we are just not quite in our power or flow.

Plugging in may mean taking a walk, a 3 minute meditation, deep breathing (5 of them is the magic instant fix ), listening to rocking and happy music, listening to quiet music, sitting at the ocean watching the waves, just STOPPING and being quiet for a few minutes, taking a bath, listening to a meditation CD, visualizing yourself being connected to the energy of all that is, laughing (one of my favs), just being fully present in the moment  and being aware of all your surroundings, or pausing and appreciating  6 things—or if you feel like it just go on a full rampage of appreciation!

The point is–to find your plug in–that works for you and do it.

Your resourcefulness AND creativity will instantly increase.

You will feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel how good it feels to be plugged in—sort of like an instant inside massage!






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