I want you to imagine that all, yes I mean ALL your thoughts were currency.

Are some of you uttering a few choice expletives right now???

Maybe some of you are feeling pretty darn cool about what your currency is getting you!!

If you are feeling good about that concept —–BRAVO to you—your life is rich and filled with what you choose to spend your thoughts on!!!

However——-if you uttered an expletive earlier—-then you unhappily realized that if your thoughts were currency, then you’ve been spending them—– maybe—- on some good stuff——but——–also on a whole bunch of stuff you don’t want now, never wanted and certainly nothing you want to put in a friggin savings account for a rainy day!!! OMG!

I’m telling you—-that whole concept of thoughts being currency sure does shine one massive bright light on what we are thinking about.

Remember that ALL your thoughts create—-yes–every single one.

So allow me to emphasize this———choose the ones that will bring you what you DO want. Period.

Spend your currency wisely!!!


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