When you speak or think these words, magic happens..INSTANTANEOUSLY.

“I always know what to do, when to do it and how.” 

As I have said before, your unconscious mind runs the show–the WHOLE show. Whatever you tell it to do it honors and delivers. It does not care what your logical conscious mind may prefer, it simply does what you tell it to do. PERIOD.

Let’s face it, we all have those moments when we find ourselves confused, conflicted and unsure of what to do next. Let’s say you have a situation that could have some long term challenges and you cannot see how it could work out. We naturally say things like, I just don’t know what to do, or –gee I am so confused, or I just don’t see how this could be solved and be worked out. Keeping in mind what I just said –guess what kind of message that sends to your unconscious mind! Yup–a powerfully clear one that says, I am confused, keep me there, give me more of that confusion or even– there is no solution! Is that what you reallllllly want??? I think not! YIKES!!

These words above can shift your thinking AND feeling instantaneously.

Try it in those moments of uncertainty–with everything. Even the silly things that may not seem a big deal to you. Imagine that you are shopping and having a hard time finding just the right outfit. What if you are trying to decide which course to take or even what to do with your day off. It will work for the little things in your life and those big decisions like choosing between jobs or relationship challenges . It works. Trust me.

Have some fun with it. Say these magic words and notice the big internal shift. The moment you say them, either silently or out loud you will FEEL the change. Now your unconscious mind knows just what to do! HOORAY for you!

Go ahead and make some magic out there today!  🙂








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