We humans are brilliant at adapting to circumstances. We are truly amazing beings!

On the one hand, this is a great mechanism. It means we can keep going even when seemingly horrible things happen to us, instead of plunging into despair. Plus it’s quite handy in the world we live, since without these adaptation mechanisms, we’d spend our days staring at the world around us, looking like a deer in the headlights!

On the other hand, I must say it’s a bit of a shame how quickly we can take things for granted. We lose our appreciation for all the wonderful things around us.

That’s why I’ve got a challenge for you, for this week.

The appreciation challenge.

My challenge to you is simple – this coming week, take some time to appreciate everything around you. I mean EVERYTHING.

Think about it–from the moment you get up in the morning, you are bombarded with things that have the potential to leave you in awe, if only you can take the time to appreciate them.

From seeing your alarm clock – and marveling at the idea of having standardized time all around the globe, with seven billion people–Now that’s pretty awesome!

In the morning when you wash your face, appreciate all that has to occur for you to be able to wash your beautiful face. Have you ever thought about just how much effort goes into getting such a simple thing as potable water into your home? The effort that went into building the pipes, and filtering the water, and checking its quality, and providing the energy to pump it all the way into your home. YIKES!! That’s a lot to appreciate.

I am asking you all to take a moment and feel how connected you are to the rest of humanity just like this.

Take the time to appreciate all the people around you – whether it’s your family, friends, or just random strangers you meet. Take the time to appreciate all the little things they do to make your life easier and more fulfilling.

As you walk around, take the time to appreciate the sights. How the sunshine radiates off buildings, the pretty shapes of the clouds, the sunlight that warms our planet. Notice the trees and bushes you come across. Notice the little grasses that stubbornly make their way through those cracks in the sidewalks. Observe all the man-made structures that enable you to function with ease and harmony. Notice the people you see, take a risk and smile at a stranger. Feel what each of those sights evokes in you, and take the time to appreciate it. I mean realllllllllly appreciate it.

Appreciate the sounds and the smells. How would you know to move out of the way if the siren didn’t alert you? Appreciate the feel of light wind on your skin. Close your eyes and appreciate your sense of balance.
That old law of gravity is a pretty cool thing isn’t it?

Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate more. Appreciate even more.

Go ahead—go on a rampage of appreciation. HAVE FUN WITH IT! I guarantee you that whatever you are feeling in the moment before you stepped into appreciation will improve. If you are joyful your joy will be increased. If you are in a not so very good mood you will feel lighter and more optimistic. Trust me!

If you really want to get the most out of this challenge, I suggest you make yourself some kind of reminder, so that you’ll take the time to appreciate everything around you, several times per day. This can be a slip of paper that you put in a place that you will see several times per day. Or you can set yourself a reminder on your phone. Or you can write “Appreciate.” on the inside of your hand. 🙂 I put my post it note in my car!

When the week is over, and you have completed this challenge, come back here, and share your experience with others. What was one particular moment of appreciation that truly stuck with you?

It is amazing how one seemingly small act of appreciation can be the simple secret to increasing your joy ten fold!

I REALLY appreciate that you have read this!

Gail 🙂

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