Motivation—-YES!! You gotta have it—and it is an essential key to success.

Do you know that research actually shows that motivation is the key behind the expert minds? Are you ready for some tips so you too can join in with those expert minds?

Before we jump in—let’s talk reality. It’s not easy to be motivated, let alone be motivated for the whole day. There are times when challenges and problems happen and make us feel sort of crappy and definitely not so motivated. It could just actually be one of those days that we are just not at our tip top energy level. It happens because life happens.

The good news is that are some simple things you can do to keep that motivation turned up and be motivated and energized throughout the day ! HOOORAY! Here is how:

1. Rise early–or earlier!
I don’t know about you, but for me, rising early is not always easy – yet there is a kind of magic….when I do it! It makes me feel more enthusiastic and energized throughout the day. Maybe it’s because by rising early I can start the day fresh without having to rush on everything. It really helps me to have more time to be prepared mentally and physically to jump into the day. Instead of hitting the snooze button it will be as if you are hitting the motivation button!

2. Pick a “quote of the day”
Pick a favorite quote in the morning and keep it in mind throughout the day. Of course, the quote should be something that motivates and inspires you. Sign up for one of those quotes of the day e-mails and refer to it throughout your day. It will give you that boost. There are a lot of them out there! One of my favorites is from TUT—“Notes from the Universe” They are fun, playful, very powerful and very motivating!

3. Find the positive side of everything
One main cause for losing motivation is thinking negatively about the events which are happening to us. Every time you think negatively about something, you actually lose a part of your energy. YIKES!! It is as if you are choosing to deliberately send your energy to that negative thing. OH BOY! Do that for any part of day and you will feel very exhausted. So choose to find the positive side of everything. See that glass as half full. Remember that everything happens for a reason. That reason just may be to push you to look at the positive side and flex those muscles of freedom of choice.

4. Focus on giving
It is in giving that we receive. Contributing to others is always motivating. It works for me. Whenever I am feeling a little less than what I want to feel or just a tad bit down—I give something to someone. A greeting, a dollar, a hug, a smile, a phone call to see how they are—it gets me out of me. It helps me to immediately shift the focus. Also, there is something about giving that gives you extra happiness.IT TRULY DOES! Brighten someone else’s life today and I guarantee you your life will also be brightened.

5. Decide to be a winner
Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you are right! It is your decision that makes the difference. This simple, yet utterly powerful singular thing can change your entire life! So decide to be a winner. See everything as a win. Heck- it is getting you closer to the next win! Who can resist you then?

Have a marvelously motivating day!
Gail 🙂

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