How often do you use the word “try”? If you are like most of us —you use it often. It is very often the default response when we are not quite sure whether we really want to do something. It can also come about when we have some doubt as to whether it will work. “Try” may feel safe to us.

Basically by “trying”—we release our responsibility. Oh boy—the bottom line is that this will not get us what we so desire in our lives. It will get us just exactly what we are stating. It will get us a whole lot of trying. It will not get the results. Sometimes we can get quite elegant in our trying. The truth is –it is still just trying.

Remember your words are powerful. Your words send a direct message to you unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is the Captain of your ship. The Captain wild follow your directions. It does not judge what you tell it, it only follows your commands, not some of them, ALL of them! WHOA! Think about that. I know you know what that means!

Okay—lets have some fun right now! I want you all right now to TRY to read whit I am writing. I want you to try really heard to read these next words—Ok—here it is—the words are -ACTION IS THE KEY.. Did you try really hard, I mean extra hard to read that word? Come on– I am serious about this. If any of you actually read those four words, then BRAVO—you will not get the trying award for today. If any of you actually di not read all four of those words, then I applaud you for being successful in the trying department. The thing is that now you do not know the secret to success, because you were so busy trying!

Our faithful Star Wars friend Yoda says: “Do or do not, there is no try”.
Simple, straightforward and powerful.

I beckon you to take notice of the use of the word “try” in your daily life. Have some fun with it—no judgment. Just notice.

Hooray for you—just by dong that you are already in action mode!

Cheers for now—I am off into action!

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