How To Make Friends That Will Bring Passion Into Your Life?????

It’s great to have goals in life and know where you’re going. It’s even WAY better if you’re passionate about it, and get energized by it everyday!!

But being driven by your passions can feel lonely sometimes. 🙁 …………………………

BUT wait—-read on…………………….

Ideally, what would really make you happy, is having friends and people who are as passionate as you are, or more!

Or at least, have friends you can talk to about your passions, without feeling like you’re too different…Cheers to that one!

You could share your fears and hesitations with these people. Being driven involves taking risks. You need some support from people who can understand you. And ultimately, you’d be able to share your success with these great friends.

 I want to share with you some simple tips to meet and make friends with such people.


Holding conversations is very important because it’s the first step in meeting new people. It determines if you’re going to get to know them… or not. If you know how to do it, you’ll get a chance on discovering the people you meet. And that first communication will allow you to know if they are the kind of person that will understand you, be your friend, go out with you, have fun, and go on adventures together.
If you don’t know how to do it, you’re really going to miss out on making friends with great people. Even if you meet them, you won’t be able to create a connection, and keep in touch.

Ready for the HOW???

Tip #1: No Pressure !

Stop the self-consciousness. That’s key.
In fact, the number one thing that makes us run out of things to say is we put too much pressure on ourselves.
We often try to only say what sounds cool, interesting or impressive. You have to realize that as soon as you ask yourself “is what I’m about to say cool enough?”… You get in your head… and create an awkward silence.
Avoid that altogether. Try talking about anything that goes in your mind, I think you’ll get surprised at how well people respond to that.

Tip #2: The “Interesting-Tell-Me-More” technique
This is an universal technique that ALWAYS works.
People like to talk and be listened to. And they especially love to talk about themselves. If someone starts to talk, ask them to tell you MORE! Most importantly, show that you’re interested. If you have to, raise your eyebrows a little and smile – that’s a non-verbal invitation for the other person to keep talking.

Tip #3: Focus on your hobbies and interests
When you meet people that like what you like, it’s easy to keep in touch and make friends. BJT WHERE DO YOUR FIND THEM??? They are out there! You can find such people in specialized internet forums, or specialized events around the hobby or subject. Seek and you shall find!

Tip#4: Meet people who are already looking for friends
Instead of going and trying to make friends with people who already have lots of people in their lives, go to people who are also looking for friends. These can be people who just came to the city or people who go to meetups. This is a GREAT way to start meeting people that are open-minded enough to share your passions with. I know someone who joined a fundraiser group and knew no one–and met her next best friend there!

Take the risk—don’t wait until you have have someone to go out with —waiting never works—seize the day and go for it!

Remember nothing risked —nothing gained!


Gail 🙂

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