YES—it is YOU—ONLY YOU—that is the Star of your own story!!!!

Nobody writes it for you, nobody decides what is next, nobody hires anybody else to star in your story.

That means that ONLY you decide what the next page reveals.

I don’t know about you but I LOVE THAT!!

Here’s what it means—-whatever you like today in your story–build on it for tomorrow-and whatever you don’t like JUST WRITE A NEW PAGE FOR TOMORROW!

Ohhhh that’s too simple you say—YES–it is —IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

Recently I was continually rewriting the same pages of my story around a project that I have not been moving on. UGH! It’s funny–because sometimes we just get so used to our story we forget that we are the star and we can just write a new page! I am thrilled to tell you that I took some time out to review my pages –and voila– I saw some new pages begin to reveal themsleves and I actuallly got all excited. You know what else I did?? I got into ACTION and now watch out–I am moving!

It is important to note that I did NOT try to figure out what the next page would be or the action I would take—it revealed itself–and I went with it.  The how will show up when you begin!

I must tell you that along with huge movement on this project that I referred to above—out of nowhere ( aheemmm) other things shifted too! Verrrrrrry interesting—right??

I ask all you Stars out there—what will be your next page NOW???

More later—Gail

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