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Welllllll–if you recently listened to me on the radio on Saturday August 4th—then we were all treated to whole heck of a lot of technical glitches! I AM SO SORRY! So—-If you called me to win —I am ever so sorry to say that even your voice mails were eaten up by those technical gremlins! YIKES!!!
OK—HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS!! It is ALL fixed now—HOOOORAY!! —and I will be back for a BRAND NEW hour on Sunday August 12th from 3-4PM PST
If you happened to leave me a voice mail related to that radio show–please do call me back –so I can honor you as one of my winners! Call me @ 1-800-680-2137—or e-mail me at Gail@gailfallonmcdonald.com
YES—-I’m back on the radio!
Oh yes — AND as I mentioned before–I have 3 brand new CD’s—listen in to win!
WOW!!! Get ready for a great show Sunday August 12th 2012 @ 3 PM PST
JOIN ME for an hour of fun AND juicy information and great tips!
YES!!  –I will be hosting my own hour on Seeing Beyond (minus those pesky little technical glitches! )
The show will be broadcast live on KEST 1450 AM in San Francisco OR
you can listen to it streaming live online at www.kestradio.com
IF you are unable to listen live you can listen any time later to
the archived program at www.seeingbeyond.com or it will soon be directly on my
I will be open to taking your calls and questions!
Get your questions ready and call in at 415-543-8255 !!
Listen for complimentary giveaways and specials and lots of QUICK FIXES!
August 12th @ 3PM PST.
I’ll “see” you on the radio!
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