Hello and Happy Holidays!

We always hear tips to help you through the season..and I have found three that are true helpers, and ones that I make it a point to do for me!

1. EXERCISE-OK—-now for me the right exercise IS the one that I will do! Make it a win-win for you! For example…JUST decide that you will exercise at least 3 times per week and that if you do it for 5 minutes it is a win -win! For me it must be in the morning before the day gets all filled up! Stretching,  touch your toes, easy sit ups etc….all of it will get you moving and assist you to feel good about you! Deciding something and following through and achieving your goal switches on the part of your brain that says you are successful. REMEMBER: Success breeds success!

2. EAT consciously-there are so many luscious and different foods around for the Holidays! As for me, deprivation and not allowing never works for me. It sends a signal to my brain that implies the opposite! So, what I do is allow myself to choose anything and the key is to fully experience it and enjoy it! If there is something I want that appeals to me , I will often buy the whole thing (yup I really do!) ….and have my taste (or two) and then bring the rest to friends, even the homeless or the office etc.! If I am at a party or event I cruise the whole table and then choose consciously and savor the bites! This seems to work quite well for me and avoids the heaviness (in more ways than one) that denial and deprivations brings!

3. ENJOY-this is all about the energy you bring to each day! Are you filled with feelings of hassle and hurriedness or are you fully present in the moment? Remember whatever you are vibrating at you will magnetize that to you! I am all about fun and joy and ease through the Holidays! Stop, BREATHE and take in the folly and wondrous spirit that each day brings. REMEMBER– what you feel now is what you will draw to you tomorrow….so here is where my favorite SWOT  (secret weapon of thought) comes in—-this will shift your feeling state immediately!

Simply say—- Wouldn’t it be nice if……………………..

This is an amazingly simple tool that our unconscious mind ( who really runs the show ) immediately responds to!

Notice the shift that brings and have fun with it! Use the SWOT for everything in your life!

More later!


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