Hello everyone!

Well, here it is that time of the year again!

I know I can always use a little extra help around this time of the year!

Today I thought I’d start out with a thought that may help you in everything you do or are in a quandary about whether to do it!

This statement has given me more help over the years  in terms of allowing me the time to pause and make a clear choice about what I really want.

I thought that around this holiday season of festivities, errands, goodies, travel, shopping, decorating and all the rest, you might need a reminder to help you take care of the YOU that wants to feel content, peaceful and healthy in the long run.

So, take a moment and read this.

The biggest cause of human pain and suffering is the conflict with what we want want now and what we want  most.

So, as you journey through the days of parties, shopping  and the all of the season, stop and ask yourself in each situation, does this take me closer to what I want most or simply suffice for the moment?

More later!


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