What is is for you? The stick? Or the carrot? Or some combination of both? What gets you motivated?

Have you ever stopped to think about the process of motivation? How do you know it’s time to get motivated to do something? Have you ever felt a lack of motivation and then suddenly something shifted and you got a jolt of energy? Do you then want to bottle that motivational magic?

In NLP we do quite a bit of work with helping people to overcome procrastination and engage their motivation strategies. In fact the discovery that we actually have unconscious strategies (or programs) that we “run” in different situations to create behavior is one of the key distinctions that makes NLP so much fun!

How about engaging in a fun exercise now???

Ok, go ahead and think about it this way. HOW do you know it’s time to be motivated? Interesting question —right??? Or even better, WHEN you are motivated HOW do you even know you are? Is it something you feel? See? Hear?

Can you remember a time when you were motivated? A specific time? As you recall that time, do you have a picture? What about a feeling somewhere in your body? Do you have any sounds or music that kick in? Are you saying something to yourself or can you remember someone else saying something to you?

Assuming you have a picture, a sound or a feeling what happens if you take that picture, or sound, or feeling  and shrink it down and push it far away and make it really dark and tiny out on the edge of the horizon?

Whoaaaaaaa! Chances are you don’t feel so motivated any more do you?

Now bring that picture, or sound, or feeling  back in at 100 miles an hour and make it big and bright, or loud, or intense and bring it right in front of you. More motivated or less? Typically people feel more motivated by doing that.

WOW again!

The point of this short exercise is to demonstrate the power of your MIND and the ability each and every one of us has to affect our inner world.

So today think about that!

Here’s to you!


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