You can NOW step into the moment and come tonight  for  for some  OUTRAGEOUS  OCTOBER  MANIFESTING ????????????????????
TODAY! Wednesday October 6th from 7-9PM !!
Step into your power at this riveting event!
During this event you will  learn powerful techniques to manifest your dreams, with speed and clarity in a way that is FUN AND LIGHT!
Do you know that the one problem with our goals and dreams is that we do NOT dream big enough! YES–we limit ourselves and therefore we limit the WHAT and the HOW our dreams will come into our lives!

Come and join me on TONIGHT–Wednesday October 6th, 2010  from 7 – 9 pm in Pacifica for this outrageous October manifesting event!
Still time to make your reservation now!  e-mail me now at

Doors open at 6:40 pm!

We had a great event in September and this evening will ignite your dreams and propel you forward!

I will guide you on how to dream big enough, clearly decide what you want,  and then let it go—yet trust with total certainty the inevitability of your dream!
I will begin to teach you the very same techniques that I have used to manifest the home of my dreams, vacations, my dream car and so much more!

Come and be prepared to have FUN!
HURRY, make your reservation NOW at or call me at 800-680-2137 as space is limited!

Your investment for this event is $40.

I will be providing yummy snacks!
E-mail me at for details, directions etc!

I look forward to seeing you and your dreams there!!

Remember — B.Y.O.B.D. (bring your own big dreams!)


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