Have you ever just been afraid to commit to what you really want? Have you ever wondered if you can really have what you want? Have you ever thought I will just HOPE and maybe “it” will happen? Have you ever wondered if by DECIDING you will open yourself up for disappointment? Have you ever thought that if you were vague enough that the benevolent universe will just deliver exactly what you want?

IF you have ever thought any of these thoughts then continue reading!


Have you ever gone into a restaurant and when the server came to your table and asked you what you wanted, you just said …OH whatever….just bring me what you think I might like! Of course not! If only we were as specific and took the time to REALLY be clear on what we want for our lives!

Have fun with it! Just for today DECIDE , be clear and get specific about what you want. Do it with large and small things! The moment you DECIDE, the door is open and you will be amazed at the synchronicity of the universe! It is as if your specific message is received by your unconscious mind and the specific signal goes out and VOILA!!

Come on……take the leap and DECIDE….Be clear and open your doorway to SUCCESS!

It all begins with a DECISION!  



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