WOW…what a difference a year makes!! Last year at this time I was literally days away from signing my first book contract and NOW just one —yes ONE year later I have my first book published “GPS FOR SUCCESS”—the SECOND one (yes there’s another!) being edited as we speak…and now a THIRD….being written as we speak!! 
YES!! I took a big step towards my dream….I set my intention and then took action and welllllllllllllll…the rest is…..is…..all the in between…..YES…I did the work to make it happen….AND once I set my intention or goal…whichever word you may choose…..it was literally amazing who and what showed up to assist me!

I was VERY clear that I wanted to become a published author. I set the goal. I used the goal setting process whereby you insert a goal into your future timeline and then ………………..the magic happened. Yes, I also cleared out all my limiting beliefs and literally became congruent with my goal. It was as if my word was law.!! HOW COOL IS THAT??? All things lined up in ways my finite mind could hardly imagine. It was incredible!

Now, that is what I call the magic of NLP and effective goal setting using your timeline!

Are you ready for some of your own magic??

The VERY first step is to be CLEAR on what you want. I mean after all when you go to a restaurant you don’t tell the server  to just bring you anything, do you?? Our system is wired the same way. We must be specific and clear- just like I was.

So, why not give it a try. Write down what you want and then read it out loud. Notice what comes up for you. Write that down. This will give you an idea of whether you are congruent with your desire or if you may have some limiting beliefs or conflicts around this. Remember –a belief is only a thought you keep thinking and thoughts can be changed!


Remember to honor the all of you –for every belief and decision we have made has always been there to serve us and always has what we call an intended positive outcome. It is true that those beliefs may need to be updated in light of who you are today and what you want. The process for that is indeed a simple one and thankfully a speedy one too!

Well– that’s it for now on this fat Tuesday!

More specifics later on goal setting !!



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