A long time ago ..I NEVER exercised! Yup…never ever ever! The reason I never exercised was that I felt like I had to do it perfectly and “right”..whatever that meant! I was totally afraid of the gym….I mean– can fat people really be allowed in the gym?? Somehow I believed that ONLY healthy, toned, people wearing the right outfits (SEXY SPANDEX!! )were allowed in the gym…or at least approved to be there! YIKES!! What a limiting belief that was –never mind one that kept me stuck and fat! One day a, long time ago…a friend told me that the right exercise for me was the one that I would do! WHAT????!!! In that single moment things totally shifted for me! I began to exercise in a way that felt right for me.–and I actually exercised every single day for the next year! Can we hear an AMEN for huge miracles here??!Since then I continue to do the exercise that is right for ME. Results you ask?? YES…..I live and breathe as my perfect size —embodying my heart of success perfect size system– and love doing the perfect exercise that is just right for me! I am a winner! You can be a winner too! You don’t ‘have to be great to start..you just have to start to be great!

Your former exercise phobic with a big smile!,Gail

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