Well here we are…..almost the end of the first week in January 2010! A new decade!

So, how’s it going????  Have you made any resolutions??

Do you know why most resolutions are hard to keep? It is not because we lack self discipline or because we are weak or even because we don’t want it enough. Interestingly enough it is HOW we make them that makes them hard to keep. When we don’t like something about ourselves we often make a resolution to change it. The problem is, that it is the part of us that wants the change  that makes the decision or the resolution. Think about this— what about the other part of us that is responsible for the way it has been? How do we  make peace with that part and get the all of us to agree to the resolution? Now, that can be the tricky part. We always must honor the all of us. Any internal conflict will only wear us down and can lead us to give up.  

That is where NLP comes in to assist us to gain  full rapport with ourselves so we can achieve the resolution that does not create that internal battle. Every behavior has a positive intention that must be honored and recognized. Everybody makes the best choice they have available from what they believe possible. The magic of NLP gives us excellent tools for assisting us with this process of being in rapport with ourselves.

I will leave you with this question.

What will you lose if you achieve your resolution?

Stay tuned for more…………………..


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