The Heart of Your Success System and the Perfect Size System are designed not only to clarify your goals, what has prevented you from achieving them, but also to provide a direct means to attain and maintain them. Gail’s research on success and her work with clients has shown that regardless of the individual, there are three key components in her Heart of Success System that must be present to achieve a worthwhile goal.

The Heart of Your Success System

The three key components are: Decide, Assess, and Take Action. Your most potent resource in achieving what you want is you. That’s why a key part of the Heart of Success System involves utilizing NLP to maximize your internal resources and resolve what Gail calls your “leaky internal compartments”. These leaky compartments are often running at the unconscious level and can come in the form of outdated values, internal conflicts and beliefs that limit you.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a technology for success that uses your conscious and unconscious mind to identify vital factors to transform dis-empowering beliefs, meanings, values and decisions while increasing self-esteem, clarity and a strong sense of self and purpose. NLP has a profoundly effective set of tools designed to produce the specific results you want.

The Heart of Your Success Perfect Size System

The Heart of Success Perfect Size System is based on the NLP Logical Levels of Change. The five levels from lowest to highest are: environment, behavior, capabilities, beliefs and identity. The lasting and most profound changes relating to weight loss occur when the work is done at the level of identity and beliefs. The Perfect Size System is about uncovering your current identity and beliefs while creating a new identity and belief system that supports your perfect size.  The system also assists you in developing capabilities and behaviors while managing your environment, all to support the healthy vibrant energetic “perfect size” you.

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