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Thoughts for the day Archives

The sweet beauty of the moment…….

Greetings from Cape Cod……..

Indeed these last 2 plus weeks have been filled with a roller coaster of pretty much the A-Z of experiences and emotions! Here’s the thing — I have been present for each sweet divinely architected pre-sent moment. Yup– and I feel pretty friggin grateful for it all.

It is the ALL of it all. The present– the moment. I AM living it.

My 83 year old Dad, former Fire Chief, self made man who could fix anything and make it all happen, husband of almost 60 years has Alzheimer’s Disease. My 82 year old, very youthful Mom is now his full time caretaker. I am blessed to be able to come periodically and provide respite for my Mom and care for my Dad.

Tonite I sat outside my childhood vacation home listening to the songs of the summertime crickets while the hot humid nighttime air surrounded me and I took a deep breath and was overwhelmed with appreciation for the moment and the thousands of moments over these past 2 weeks.

My Dad thankfully has a cheerful and almost childlike way about him and every time he asks me how long I will be here for- I say — 2 weeks Dad and he gleefully replies — oh boy we’ll have some fun!!

Soooooooo- the weather here on the Cape has not exactly been great for the past week – nonetheless I have kept the beach chairs in the back of the car– filling that glass with the sunshine of optimism! Ta da- today it happened. We seized the moment and the 3 of us went to the beach. The sun shined its warmth on my family. I took my Dad by the hand and lead him to the water -as I splashed him- he wiped the drips off the shorts that he tried to put on over his head this morning– and we laughed, surrounded by children doing the same.

I was fully present and he was fully present. That is a gift.

These are the moments that I cherish and knowing that we never get that rewind in life– I can say I showed up.

I ask you all to take a moment and show up fully for the moment– create a moment for memories and then go ahead and call someone up and tell them you love them!

Oh — and while you are at it — be silly and splash someone today– even in the tough times — we just need to lighten up! 🙂

Latah (Boston for later) !!!



Over the past two weeks I have had several conversations about the magic of the magic 12 words. Jeeeeeeeeeez–I was even having a magical moment just talking about it and the impact it is making!! 🙂

Several people said—OH WOW Gail—when I remembered to use my magic 12 words—I instantly felt a shift and wouldn’t you know it–the situation I was struggling with shifted too!! HOORAY!

Remember, our perception creates our reality. The words we feed our unconscious mind is EXACTLY what the unconscious mind sets out to do. Our unconscious mind runs the show for us—it is just that plain and simple. Keeping that in mind, you gotta make sure that what you are instructing it to do is what you want!

That is why the magic 12 words are so perfect. It gives clear and simple instructions to your unconscious mind.

If any of you have ever found yourself saying things like–ohhh geeeeee–I am so0000 confused, I just don’t know what to do–QUIT IT!

Replace it with the 12 words!

Hey—believe me I understand—I have to give myself a little chat about that sometimes too!

Always—-always—these magic 12 words work….ALWAYS.

Print this out and tape it to your mirror–do whatever it takes to remember to remember to use these magic 12 words!


There you go!

Go ahead and have fun — use your magic wand of words! 🙂



My remote control would not work on……


My super duper friggin state of the art remote control just does not have a switch that would enable me to control my life with it!!!!!!!!!

Okayyyyyy——-goofy idea—–but—-wouldn’t it be cool if we had a remote control for our life??? Imagine the possibilities, fast forward through the yucky times, freeze frame and pause on the luscious ones,  rewind to redo the not so smart times and then totally be able to change the channel??

Roll with me here—because I have a point. 🙂

Let’s just pull one of those scenarios out and take a look at it.

For example—have you ever wished that you could just rewind the tape, so to speak, and undo or redo what you just said?????

If you are like me or countless other people, the answer would be a big old YES!

Since technology has not afforded us with a remote for our life—allow me to give you a powerful insight that can make a HUGE difference in your life—going forward.

I was having a conversation with a friend recently and we were talking about a situation she was going through and she humbly admitted that she really could have handled it better and not reacted the way she did. She felt really bad about the things she said. Sound familiar???

Anyway—she said –geeeeee— if only I had stopped and taken a minute before I spoke. We wetnton to talk more and I shared with her one of my favorite little quips—“There is power in the pause.” 

You bethcha there is—-there is phenomenal power in the ability to PAUSE–before you react and say the stuff that you may wish you could hit that rewind button on later.

I also reminded my friend that when we know better we do better!

She was funny–she actually started muttering —there is power in the pause, power in the pause–she giggled and said that’s an easy one to remember!

One of my ALL time favorite pieces of wisdom I received was this:

“People may not always remember what you said but they will always remember how it made them feel.”

I’m telling you—these wise words that were bestowed on me made an everlasting impact on me–and since my remote still does not work on my life–these words coupled with the power of the pause —make it pretty darn OK that I do not have a rewind button for my life !

So—I shall pause here and bid you a big woooohoo for a great day!





So—-I was trying to steer my car the other day—I tried everything—and it just would not steer. I turned it to the left, to the right, I even repositioned the steering wheel—-and still nothing————-absolutely NOTHING was happening.

DUH————–then I realized what the problem was!!! My car was parked. Yes–it was not moving—totally stopped–right where I had last left it. Yup—all the steering and movement I did yesterday was going to get me nowhere today! Don’t you just hate that??!!

As the light was dawning for me—I realized that sometimes life is just the same. You cannot get to where you want to go–or even make any progress if you do not move!

Think of it this way–The Universe cannot steer a parked car and it cannot get you to where you want to go if you do not take ACTION.

I love this quote by Will Rogers:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re on the right track, if you don’t move, you’ll get run over.”

Thank you Will Rogers!

Remember you do NOT have to have it all figured out—just MOVE—take some ACTION. The Universe will respond in kind–trust me!

I love to say—just make the decision in life that gets your feet moving and life will reveal the next step and the next and the next!

Soooooo—what do you say—–that you get in gear and put your foot on the pedal and go!!

Enjoy the ride today–seriously!! Your enjoyment today will not only breed more joy but it will keep you in the downstream flow of your life which is where everything you want is anyway!!!!!!!!

Until next time————-Gail 🙂




YIKES—I literally almost got stuck in the mailbox just the other day!!! I was mailing a VERY VERY–and I mean VERY  important time sensitive letter and I thought that if I just jumped in the mailbox and stayed with the letter –then I could make sure it got delivered correctly! Ta da—brilliant I thought! Jeeeeeez—– you know they just do not make those boxes as big as they ought too—never mind then having to ride in one of those little bags inside those stop and go little Postal Jeeps………………..I mean really—-but how else will I make sure that that VERY VERY important letter gets there?????????

Wait————–whaaaaat???? What is that I am hearing??????????  Just drop the letter in and LET IT GO?????????????

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—now that just might have a very good point. Drop it in, let it go, trust the process, go about my normal everyday life, no need to think about it every friggin minute of the day and wonder if or when it will get there….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh that sure has a much more peaceful and empowering feel to it–eh?

Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy—thank you for indulging my playfulness! I do think my point has been made—–using a pretty silly story to illustrate the point of the point!

Relaxxxxxxxxxx—and once you set an intention, big or small–LET IT GO—TRUST THE PROCESS AND DIVINE TIMING OF IT ALL—

I’ll leave you with this little one as I go–the last time you went to a restaurant and ordered something yummy off the menu-did you then excuse yourself from the table and barge into the kitchen and make sure they did it right?? I think not–instead you enjoyed AND savored the wait…………………………

Oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…